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What Does Your Lymphatic System Do For You?

Your lymphatic system helps your body eliminate toxins. There is way to make sure that your lymphatic system works perfectly.

So many people have no idea what a lymphatic system does or how it helps our Healthy Body.

The lymphatic system does a very important thing for our Healthy Body. It is an important factor in our immune system by helping our Healthy Body get all of the toxins out and in doing this is creates a strong immune system. If the toxins stay in our Healthy Body this is where infections can start and make it harder for the rest of our Healthy Body to function properly.

The lymphatic system is located in the lymph nodes, these are located in the neck, underarms and growing areas and behind the knees, are just to name a few. Be pampered spa focuses on the areas that have a lot of lymph nodes

We use special techniques by applying light pressure to the lymph nodes and manipulating the area to move around the fluid in the lymph nodes to release the toxins.

The best way to go about this is to follow the meridian lines, a lot of people that work on lymphatic drainage do not know about the meridian lines. But in working in the flow of the meridian lines helps greatly with your circulations, and this gives the whole overall wellness and flow of releasing the toxins.

This should be done about once a month to build up a good immune system and to keep it healthy.