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Your Health: Expectation vs Reality

If you stopped 100 people on the sidewalk and asked them if their health was important to them, I wonder how many of them would say yes...

If you stopped 100 people on the sidewalk and asked them if their health was important to them, I wonder how many of them would say yes… One would hope that it would be a lot, maybe even all of them!

Then, I wonder what would happen if you followed them all day and watched what they did, what they ate, how they talked, when they slept, etc? Would all those things that each of us does everyday support our positive “Yes” answer?

Unfortunately, for the majority of people, one would probably find there is a disconnected relationship between their health expectations versus reality.

Expectation vs Reality

There is a phrase that I’ve coined based based on what I’ve seen to be true from many years of working with people in health and wellness. Although health based, I’ve learned that this statement applies to so many aspects of a person’s life that it is in fact fundamental in nature.

It goes as such: “The Universe (LIFE) will reward you in direct proportion to your thoughts, choices and actions.

Many of us have learned that thoughts are “things”. That what we think about will come about in one way, shape or form.

Thinking happy equates to being happy regardless of the circumstances.

But how could that be? One would argue it’s because of the choice we make to be happy.

Create your happiness

So happiness always exists, it doesn’t come from anywhere. But the choice to find happiness, see happiness and create hapiness is an option. And it’s your option. How empowering is that!

Furthermore, if you’re going to think happy and choose happy, why not act happy while you’re at it.

The way you act, the things you do, can further attract positive emotions based on the outcomes and results of those actions, and it feeds a wonderful cycle of growth, prosperity, love and even healing.

The converse, as we all know, is also true. Negative thoughts, bad choices, sustained habits based on those thoughts and choices, and finally the poor actions that come about as a result can drive us into despair, poor health, debt and more bad news.

So what are you expecting every day?

Some people want to have better health, more money, great relationships, fun pastimes, an awesome career with all the trappings and joy that coincide. Yet, when they face their day, their thoughts veer to their current challenges and they choose to follow the path that is most familiar, that has become comfortable, and that supports not having to put in more effort and face any fears.

In other words, their thoughts, choices and actions do not reflect what they want. However, it surely reflects their current reality!

People with chronic pain, for example, would naturally not want to be in pain. They long for a pain free existence with the ability to go back to doing what they need and want to do every day. Their Healthy Body just does not support that reality at the current time.

Change is what is required

And change takes a belief, new thinking, hope, different choices, consistent effort and persistent work. Actions that continuously seek solutions inside and out. Sounds like a lot of energy will be needed doesn’t it!

Interestingly enough, health always exists, just like happiness. It just doesn’t always express itself. In order to make that happen, we want to think that it’s certainly possible.

Then it’s a matter of making the choices and taking the action in order to stack the cards in our favour so in time our health will shine through once more. If that’s the reality we want, then our expectations have to fall in line.

Our health expectations can most certainly be our reality. What are you expecting today?