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Five Unknown Benefits Of Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage therapy is a natural method with roots that date back to the ancient Egyptians in which stones that...

Hot stone massage therapy is a natural method with roots that date back to the ancient Egyptians in which stones that have been heated up are positioned strategically across the Healthy Body on trigger points and acupuncture points. The stones are smooth and made of basalt. Before use, the stones are heated in sanitizing water and the direct heat from the stones allows the muscles to relax. This lets the massage therapist access deeper muscle layers. The stones remain hot during the massage due to the high iron content of basalt. This type of therapy has many surprising benefits, including the following:

The Unknown Benefits Of a Hot Stone Massage:

  1. Toxin release: When your muscles are massaged, any toxins that are clogged within them are easily released. Your massage therapist will tell you to drink plenty of water after your massage to ensure that all those unhealthy released toxins are flushed out completely.
  2. Improved health: If you suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia, hypertension, carpal tunnel syndrome and musculoskeletal issues, hot stone massages can actually improve your health. This type of massage makes joint flexibility greater, decreases muscle spasms and undoes the effects of chronic stress on the joints. Hot stone massages can also stimulate healing and rehabilitation if you’re suffering from an injury or sprain.
  3. Advanced muscle relaxation: The heat from the stones lets your muscles relax. The massage therapist is then able to easily manipulate your deep tissues, making it easier for tension and toxins to be released. If your muscles are overly tense then it can hamper the massage. Hot stone massage is recommended for people who find their muscles to be stiff or tight all the time.
  4. Stress reduction: Whether it’s due to work pressures, home life, or your Netflix account not working, we can become stressed at the drop of a hat. Hot stone massages can reduce stress by putting us in an extreme state of relaxation during and after the massage. Your Healthy Body won’t go back to being tense as soon as the stones are removed; you’ll feel great for days afterwards; and if your Netflix is on the fritz, you’ll handle it gracefully.
  5. Keeps your blood circulating: Hot stone massage promotes the proper circulation of blood, because when pressure is applied to certain points on the Healthy Body, it activates blood flow. When blood flows properly it helps our organs regenerate and perform at their maximum potential.

If you are considering a hot stone massage, please use the services of a professional. This is not something you should or can be doing on your own.