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Our life-changing weight loss coaching process serves Oakville, Burlington, and Mississauga and is also delivered by phone and Skype/Facetime across Canada, USA and around the world. Our weight loss coach will guide you through a spiritual weight loss journey and help you to lose weight by addressing the root causes standing in your way.

This one year journey of consciousness is the most comprehensive weight loss coaching process available in Canada and the USA. Step by progressive step, Coach Kath will provide you with deep wisdom and practical guidance to bridge that huge gap between knowing what to do and actually doing it.  Coach Kath offers in-person coaching in Oakville Ontario.

Reveal your personal path to permanent weight loss

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Customized Individual Weight Loss Coaching

All the content of this process is custom tailored to your life and your challenges. You’ll be feeling better about yourself and your efforts within the first few sessions. You’ll receive feedback and guidance that has proven to be insightful and effective. And you’ll be experiencing many firsts, accelerating your progress and achieving the outcomes you’ve longed for but never knew how to create.

Start the journey to become your authentic self.

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What Clients Are Saying

“I’ve presently lost over 40 pounds and kept it off for 3 years. Once the weight is gone, it’s gone.” – L.D., Registered Nurse

"I'm getting back to who I am as a person, not just a dress size" - L.D., Peace Officer

“I love my new body and my new life too. I love who I’ve become and who I’m becoming.” – M.G., Weight Loss Coach

"I'm realizing it's okay to have resistance and Coach Kath is showing me exactly how to navigate it." - S.P., Massage Therapist

“I lost the preoccupation I had with my weight. What a sense of freedom this process brings.” – K.C., Personal Trainer

"I searched everywhere for a weight loss cure, except within myself" - L. R., VP (Financial Services Industry)

About Conscious Weight Loss

Make the ultimate paradigm shift in how you perceive yourself and how you take care of your body. Coach Kath takes you from self-judgement to self-love by resolving the intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects of your weight loss.

If you have compulsive, addictive and/or binge behaviours around food, these are the symptoms not the problem. These are coping mechanisms – not a moral failing. Self-awareness is the key to taking yourself off autopilot, growing yourself up and fully owning your life. 

If you are a woman trying to follow a man’s approach to weight loss, this is the stumbling block, not you. Women typically need to understand the “why” first to give themselves the clarity to act. This is weight loss from the feminine perspective.

You cannot manifest true weight loss from limiting beliefs and fears. Your sabotage is pointing you to the very self-esteem, self-worth and ultimately, self-love you need to learn to transcend your struggle once and for all. Learn how to awaken yourself to this kinder, gentler voice within you. This is the only thing that will peel back your layers of self-deception, release the shame and guilt, connect you to your natural gifts and talents, and enable you to manifest your bigger life.

Kathrine Brown, North America’s Leading Weight Loss Coach

Kathrine is the developer of the process Conscious Weight Loss® and the publisher of the blog Wisdom Bites™. Together, these have graduates and subscribers in over 20 countries. She is an expert on the topic of weight loss from self-esteem, self-worth and self-love perspectives. Through her process, she has helped people all over the world live bigger lives in smaller bodies.

A master-level coach and world-class communicator, Kathrine has the creativity and insight to effect profound and lasting change in her clients. Her leading edge work draws upon the pioneering findings from the fields of coaching, psychology and neuroscience. Her powerful bridging of the practical and the spiritual is redefining the way the world approaches weight loss.

Kathrine has been teaching her innovative content since 2002, specializing in working with resistant personalities and those with self-sabotaging or addictive relationships with food. On this, she speaks from deep personal experience. She lives in Oakville, Canada with her easygoing husband and her needy Siamese cat. She still eats french fries occasionally but no longer drives while under their influence.






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