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Sep 12 2020

The Benefits of Using Rock Tape

The Benefits of Using Rock TapeGetting back into a sport or activity after the long winter? Training for a charity run or walk? Rock tape can provide the relief you are looking for to stay in the game. Convenient to carry, easy...

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Aug 26 2020

What Diabetes Means for Your Feet

Diabetes is a complicated disease that implicates the whole body and that could lead to severe complications if left untreated. As it is becoming more prevalent amongst Canadians, it is important to be educated on the subject,...

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Healthy Steps Pedorthic Clinic
Jul 04 2020

Bunions? How to Avoid Pain and Surgery

They usually grow in size and progressively get worse causing pressure between the smaller toes often causing the toes to deform and cross over one another. Although we are sometimes more concerned about the unpleasant appearance and not being able...

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Dietitians & Nutritionists
Jun 01 2020

Online Shoe Shopping

Online shopping is a wonderful time saving tool that continues to grow in popularity. The convenience of being able to order the products you need at any time of day or night and have them shipped directly to your door is invaluable. However, when...

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The perfect fit Sandals | Healthy Steps Pedorthic Clinic in Nepean
Dec 03 2019

The perfect fit

My feet hurt, but I still want to wear sandals. What should I look for? Finding sandals that fit and function well can be a daunting task. Sandals are a wonderful break from closed in shoes, but can result in many problems including over use...

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Rheumatoid Arthritis and your feet | Healthy Steps Pedorthic Clinic in Nepean
Nov 21 2019

Rheumatoid Arthritis and your feet

What are the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis in your feet? RA is a chronic systemic inflammatory disease of unknown cause. Symptoms generally appear in the toes and small joints first and then the ankles. Most common symptoms of RA are...

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Ankle sprain prevention | Healthy Steps Pedorthic Clinic in Nepean
Jul 12 2019

Ankle sprain prevention

How can I manage my chronic ankle instability and help prevent ankle sprains? Ankle sprains occur when the ankle is forced into an abnormal position causing stretching and tearing of the ligaments surrounding the ankle joint. Chronic instability...

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A pain in the foot | Healthy Steps Pedorthic Clinic in Nepean
Jun 01 2019

A pain in the foot

What causes pain in the ball of my foot? The general term that describes pain at the ball of the foot is called metatarsalgia. Pain in this area usually develops gradually over time but can also develop suddenly from an injury or from changes...

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Orthotic adjustments | Healthy Steps Pedorthic Clinic in Nepean
Sep 21 2011

Orthotic adjustments

Is it normal to make adjustments to my foot orthotics? For some conditions it is important to make gradual improvements over time to help reduce initial break-in pain or discomfort. This is especially true when making corrections to improper...

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Cast for custom orthotics | Healthy Steps Pedorthic Clinic in Nepean
Aug 13 2011

Cast for custom orthotics

Why do you cast the feet when you make custom foot orthotics? In order to truly make a custom orthotic a cast of both feet must be performed. This is the only way to capture the natural contours and three dimensional shape of each...

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