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Your first visit to Dr. Lorne Kamelchuk Orthodontics will be an educational and  fun experience for you. A complete examination will be done together, you’ll get to meet our Team and we’ll be there for you and show you the exciting way we provide orthodontics. Without any obligation whatsoever, you’ll be able to clearly decide if you’d like to start a relationship with us based on mutual respect and trust with our team.

It will take about 1 hour for your initial examination appointment , and to answer questions. Dr. Kamelchuk will spend one-on-one time with you to explain everything about your treatment and the process of getting braces in Calgary at his clinic. We will examine teeth alignment, teeth spacing / crowding, measure your jaw alignment (e.g. overbite, underbite, side deviation), we will establish what orthodontic treatment is right for you or your child and take care of it quickly to ensure you a brighter and happier smile, whether treatment is appropriate now, in the future or never, and of course discuss the costs of your orthodontic treatment, if your insurance will cover the cost and/or our payment options.

Call 587-317-5510 or book an appointment online.

 Crafting long-lasting smiles. Creating trusting relationships.


What are Kamelchuk Bucks?

We like to have lots of fun at Dr. Lorne Kamelchuk Orthodontics, and we love it when you get involved in that fun with us! So our rewards program lets you win great prizes, the program is called: "The Kamelchuk Bucks program!

How can you earn Kamelchuk Bucks? You can earn Kamelchuk Bucks very easily just by, Arriving at appointments on time, Letting us know in advance about concerns or breakages,Telling us a joke! (this is our customer Favorite!)

Every month we hold a raffle where you can win some wonderful prizes like Calaway Park passes, Market Mall gift cards or other cool swag!

Becoming a new patient of Dr. Lorne Kamelchuk

Start with a complimentary fun consultation with Dr. Kamelchuk

Take a 1-hour consultation that's discovery-filled, fun and informative, with a seat next to Dr. Kamelchuk and have all possible questions answered regarding your potential treatment. We take pride with helping our customer and we truly want them to get the smile they've always wanted and really deserve.
We're always accepting new patients without professional referrals and there's no obligation. We will take care of all your needs the right way to ensure you full satisfaction. 

Complimentary Consultations include:

  • Staff introductions and A tour of our clinic
  • Digital imaging (photographic and x-ray, as necessary) for visualization of potential treatment
  • You get a great opportunity to express any of your concerns
  • Conversing about your treatment and timing with no pressure: now, later, or never
  • Discussing treatment options: and there are many
  • Having a relaxed conversation about clear, concise and guaranteed fees presentation
  • Assistance with 3rd party or insurance coverage
  • A great opportunity to ask all of your questions

After your consultation you’ll be able to clearly decide whether you would like to receive care from us. There is absolutely no obligation and we will provide a written package detailing everything we've discussed so you can consider it carefully and or take it home to discuss as a family. Questions are also welcome at any time after your consultation.

10 reasons ro see Dr. Lorne Kamelchuk

  1. Orthodontics that are Quality-driven in a very relaxed and fun atmosphere
  2. Incorporated technologies for expansively informed diagnosis and treatment
  3. The most up to date High tech, miniaturized, and comfortable bracket choices
  4. 3D digital imaging technology, allowing for an in-depth and detailed review of each patient’s needs
  5. Professionally approved standards with hospital grade sterilization
  6. An orthodontist that teaches and lectures worldwide and is professionally engaged in current orthodontic knowledge
  7. No headgear! (This should be the #1 reason, who wants to wear a head gear?)
  8. Free parking that is conveniently located
  9. A customized smile that will optimize your individual features


We had the privilege of having Dr. Kamelchuk and team work with both of our sons over a 4 year time period. Everyone, from the front desk to the doctor, was amazingly friendly, professional, and very knowledgeable about every aspect of the orthodontic process. Both my sons had amazing orthodontic outcomes but most importantly they always enjoyed going to their appointments. Dr. Kamelchuk is always very professional but is still able to have fun and makes a point of engaging each patient with his funny stories and anecdotes. We got to know all the wonderful dental technicians and thought they were all very good at minimizing any discomfort with their gentle approach and technique. The entire team is very respectful of your time and put great effort into continually keeping on schedule. I would recommend Dr. Kamelchuk and his team to anyone looking for a wonderful orthodontic experience!!

 - Danielle

I like that the place has all the disney stuff everywhere. I didn't feel nervous when I walked in because I knew that everything would be so quick. You are very funny have good jokes. The staff are very caring and kind and have a good way of telling people, "Your only gonna hear a quick snip...CRACK!!!". I also like the iPads in the waiting room!

Thanks for being so awesome!!! 

- Jason

A great experience from start to finish. Dr. Kamelchuk's office provides support every step of the way and handles logistics like transferals with efficiency. I was put at ease every time I stepped in there because of the friendly attitude of all the employees and the care they show to all their patients. A great choice if you're thinking about orthodontic procedures for your loved ones or yourself.

- Ernie

The Kamelchuk experience

At Dr. Lorne Kamelchuk Orthodontics we ensure that our patients receive quality orthodontic treatment as it is the up most importance for us, but it is only a fraction of what the Kamelchuk Experience has to offer.

Dr. Lorne Kamelchuk’s personal view is that the trusted caring, personality and over all attitude of a doctor can make all the difference to clients, and because of his outlook Dr. Kamelchuk treats every patient as an individual.   And as that individual, they will personally grow as a result of their personal experience at the Dr. Kamelchuk Orthodontic clinic - in addition to seeing a great results in their smile!

And with that being said, "The Kamelchuk Experience" is also an extension of the strong feelings and importance that we give to orthodontics. Kamelchuk spends time to make make sure the treatment is done right and is taken care of safely and with extreme care. Through numerous levels of education and continuing education, Dr. Lorne Kamelchuk continues to stay engaged in the orthodontic and dental communities. He lectures internationally, teaches at the Graduate level at universities, is published in peer-reviewed literature and holds regular study clubs with other Dentists and Health Care Professionals. This level of commitment is always present in the treatment that he offers, and he always make certain his patients are learning and growing while having an pleasurable time at the clinic.

We realize that choosing an Orthodontist is a choice that needs to be made carefully, and we understand that you have tons of options. We’re honoured that you would consider our practice for your orthodontic needs. We care for all our patients like family and give them the welcomed family feeling at our Orthodontist clinic. We have a very welcoming staff that will make you relax and just feel like you are at home. We truly look forward to meeting with you soon and helping you with any dental treatments and questions. 

Our Staff

Dr. Lorne Kamelchuk

Dr. Lorne Kamelchuk has earned degrees in both dentistry and orthodontics, from the University of Alberta and the University of Toronto, and has a true passion for orthodontics and his patients’ well-being-is. Dr. Kamelchuk is a Calgary orthodontist who has been practicing orthodontics in Calgary since 1998. While deeply involved in orthodontics, Dr. Kamelchuk considers his utmost responsibility to be his family. With his wife, Judith who practises as a Board Certified Physiotherapist, the Kamelchuks have been blessed with a son and three daughters.

A note for Dr. Lorne Kamelchuk

“I take orthodontics very seriously, but I make sure it’s enjoyable and that patients are learning throughout treatment as well. Orthodontics can restore a smile and bite, but it can also lead to overall improvement in oral care habits, which will stay with a person for life. I know that my education is never complete either, so I remain genuinely engaged in the orthodontic and oral healthcare communities, either by continually taking courses or teaching them. I enjoy lecturing and teaching but its nice to be a course-participant too!”

In accumulation to upholding his Calgary orthodontic practice, Dr. Kamelchuk has also lectured on clinical and specialty orthodontics throughout Canada, the US and in Europe. He is a Clinical Professor of Orthodontics at the University of Alberta, has lectured at several universities across North America, and has presented to various dental and orthodontic societies on both sides of the Pacific. Dr. Kamelchuk is also an Examiner in Orthodontics for the Royal College of Dentists of Canada (RCDC); the national body that certifies Dental Specialists with their qualifying exams upon completing specialty training in Dentistry.

Clinical Assistants

Our Clinical Assistants are all exceedingly trained and specialized in orthodontic assisting. You’ll deal with them a fair amount as they help with many aspects of your treatment. You will find they will be able to answer a lot if not all of your questions. By working side by side as a team, they handle numerous patients at once, making scheduling more convenient for you.

Our Administrative team

Our Administrative Team plays an important role in scheduling your appointments in a way that works for you! Shorter appointments can be booked outside of school or work hours so your day is not rushed and runs with your schedule and isn’t interrupted, while longer appointments are usually booked mid-morning or mid-afternoon. You request what you’d like, and our Administrators will do their best to find a time that best suits your needs. The Administrative Team also confidently and privately handles billing and insurance details for you.

Our Treatment Coordinators 

Our Treatment Coordinators provide a very important link between the Clinical Assistants and the Administrative Team. Communication between all players is significant for any team, and we’re no exception to the rule. If you have any questions about your treatment, our Treatment Coordinators will have the answer for you. If they don’t have the answer, we guarantee they’ll find it!And thats a promise!

Our Lab Support Network team

Orthodontic treatment and long-lasting retention require specialized lab support. At Dr. Lorne Kamelchuk Orthodontics, we operate and staff our own full-service lab, which ensures in-house quality control. You probably won’t see the Lab Technicians too often during your visits to our clinic, but they are always working hard behind the scenes to make your treatment better.

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