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Isagenix Vancouver is committed to energizing our clients in the Greater Vancouver Area through customized, cutting-edge nutritional solutions. Reach your weight loss and nutrition goals.

Our products effectively help our clients with cleansing, detox, anti-aging solutions, high intensity training (HIT), bodybuilding, and safe programs for losing weight fast. Our Isagenix Vancouver nutritional solutions, supplements and cleansing specialists are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

You can count on our support, every step of the way.

Isagenix Vancouver - Weight Loss, Anti-Aging, and Cleansing Specialists 

Isagenix Vancouver’s Weight Loss Solutions help you safely and effectively lose weight fast by cleansing away toxins, managing stress and improving your overall energy. Our Energy and Performance Solutions will help your weight loss, bodybuilding, and high intensity training (HIT) goals. You will experience greater performance with faster recovery times.

Our Healthy Aging Solutions help you fight the effects of aging by combining the latest advances in nutritional cleansing and nourishing meal replacements. Whatever wellness goals you're working towards - you can count on our support, every step of the way.



We Provide Leading Edge Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle Solutions in the Following Areas:

Weight Loss

For indiciduals who are interested in healthy weight loss, better body composition and optimum health.The system is a ground-breaking path to healthy weight loss and designed to gently rid the body of potentially harmful impurities, while infusing it with essential vitamins, botanicals and other natural ingredients to help shed pounds naturally without the use of laxatives, stimulants or diuretics.


Energize your daily life! Whether it’s an intense workout in the gym or a day spent with the kids, we want to help you feel vibrant and alert. The Energy System offers a mix of high-quality protein, and superb nutrition to help you improve your health and feel vibrant and alert throughout the day.


Perfect for active people who want to build leaner physiques and enhance their performance and recovery. The Performance System offers a mix of nutrients, energy boosters, and high-quality protein for muscle growth and recovery while helping you achieve a tighter, leaner physique, and experience optimal performance.

Healthy Aging

Help combat the aging process with premium micro nutrients and the most potent antioxidants on the planet. Interested in youthful aging? See our advanced products like our cutting-edge Product B antioxidants plus telomere support for exceptional health. 

Solution to Transforming Lives

Overweight? Low Energy? Stressed? You're Not Alone.

Today's world certainly presents us with numerous challenges when it comes to health and living the life we want. Our diets are poor, leading to a worldwide epidemic of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Our foods are covered with a variety of pollutants, including herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. We don't exercise nearly enough, our schedules are hectic and we're constantly overstressed.

About Nicole Stewart

Nicole Stewart is the Co-Founder of the Global Impact Group. She is passionately committed to transforming lives. Nicole's vision, hard work, and unwavering faith in her team are key success drivers for the Global Impact Group. Nicole is a former Canadian National soccer player and 1995 World Cup team member. She received the Bachelor of Kinesiology degree from the University of British Columbia and the Masters of Science Degree from Florida State University.

Nicole practiced for many years as a Registered Kinesiologist and built a thriving personal training business in Vancouver, BC. After the birth of her daughter in 2003, Nicole became a Certified Life Coach studying under Dr. Martha Beck, a regular columnist and guest speaker for the Oprah Winfrey magazine and television show.

Today Nicole has over 21,000 associates in her organization and continues to be extremely passionate about sharing her knowledge and wisdom on helping people achieve their health and wellness goals.

Nicole provides impeccable support for her clients and constantly believes in their limitless potential.

About Isagenix - Global Impact Group

The Isagenix - Global Impact Group is committed to vibrant health and abundant living. We are committed to energizing people through customized, cutting-edge nutritional solutions. Reach your ideal weight and reclaim your vitality. Get lean, build muscle, boost performance and recovery. Enjoy more energy and healthy aging.

Isagenix's solution-based products is backed by solid science and the latest research. One of North America's fastest-growing companies, Isagenix's no-compromise approach to health and wealth generating opportunities help thousands achieve their physical dreams.


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