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UgroGreens is our Microgreen Homekit Online store. Our Microgreen Homekits include 2 packs of certified organic microgreen seeds, 2 biodegradable grow mats and detailed instructions for growing microgreens in your indoor vegetable garden.

Start your own indoor vegetable garden by growing red cabbage microgreens, growing cress, microgreens growing kale microgreens and many different types of microgreens. Visit UgroGreen. 

 Canada's Microgreen Homekit Online Store

Discover the Health Benefits of Microgreens

Most varieties of our microgreen home kits are ready to harvest within only 7-10 days. Microgreens are packed with more nutritional value than the fully grown version!

A microgreen is a particular variety of plant that can be fully harvested once the first set of leaves are developed. At the time of harvest, the microgreens can vary from 1 to 3 inches high. Even at this early stage of development, microgreens are packed full of nutritional value, and can complement your favorite dishes with flavour that won't go ignored!

Microgreens are the hottest new food trend!



So glad you asked! The health trend of today is booming and will only get bigger. Healthy living is becoming a priority, and with all the food intolerances out there and the choice to go vegetarian or vegan, along with daily exercise, microgreens fits this perfectly.
Microgreens are jam-packed with nutrition- all the healthy goodness, full of vitamins and antioxidants. It is cancer-fighting, energy boosting, promoting hormone health, blood and organ health ect….
Microgreens are super easy to grow and harvested in only ten to fourteen days. They taste delicious, and compliment so many food choices such as all sandwich types, dinner entree’s, bbq’d meats, smoothies, and salads. We have sixteen varieties to choose from- each having its own unique flavor. Each one a superfood!!!
So I think you can agree with me that growing these microgreens is not only a great idea but necessary for continued health today!!!

About Microgreens

What microgreens are is great to know but also the difference between microgreens and sprouts is even better. Many people think they are one and the same when they are entirely different!!!

The Difference Between Microgreens and Sprouts:

The main difference is that Sprouts are grown in water and you eat the seeds and seedlings and Microgreens are grown in a medium or on a grow-mat, and you eat more mature seedlings- cutting the greens at the base of the stems.  What is more interesting is that Microgreens have become a better alternative to Sprouts for good reasons.  A) Both microgreens and sprouts pack a powerful punch of nutritional benefits and flavour, but they differ in how they are planted and in their nutrient value. Microgreens absorb minerals from the grow-mat and also develop more photosynthesis than sprouts so, in turn, increasing its nutritional value. B) The seedlings are also more developed which means higher fibre content. There have been several cases of E-coli outbreaks in sprouts due to bacteria growth in the water that is antibiotic-resistant. In growing microgreens, there is no risk of this developing.

Food And Safety On Sprouts Here

About Us

After 3 years of planning and trials, UgroGreen was launched in July 2016. With a rich history as growers of annuals, perennials, shrubs, and herbs for over 20 years, we sought to expand our business by leverage our expertise as growers into the healthy food segment. We found a perfect fit with Microgreens - a healthy and edible product with a long shelf life that people can grow in their own homes.

Having experienced the benefits of microgreens ourselves, and knowing it’s huge nutritional value, we developed microgreen home kit product that contains certified organic seeds, biodegradable grow mats and a food grade growing container. Our sleeves we designed ourselves- with all information needed so the growing experience and the set up of an indoor microgreen vegetable garden are simple and fun to do.

Thus UgroGreens - Canada's Online Microgreens Homekit store was born!

We are so excited about our new product. As a family, we are enjoying this new adventure. We look forward to seeing where this adventure takes us in the future!! We want people to benefit from growing their own Microgreens - from a healthy standpoint as well as from the enjoyment and satisfaction of growing your own. You grow it, and you will know what is in it!!

It is simply an amazing feeling because Healthy Living is a choice. And it's a choice YOU can make today!!


1. Can you freeze microgreens? Yes!!! A great way is to cut up in ice-cube trays, add your favorite juice and freeze. Great for smoothies.

2. Can you vacuum seal microgreens? Yes, A good vacuum sealer is very handy and can preserve your greens for weeks in the refrigerator.

3. What are microgreens used for? Microgreens are used for sandwiches, burgers, wraps, smoothies, salads, barbecued meat, and cooked dinner entree you would like to add them to.

4. What do they taste like? Each variety has its own unique flavor. They range from mild, peppery, nutty, spicy, hot, crunchy…..

5. Are they good for me? Microgreens are exceptionally good for you- loaded in goodness- 6-10X more so than the mature plant. Vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, Carotene, Chlorophyll, Amino acids, Potassium, Zinc, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Calcium, iron, Trace elements, Antioxidants, 35% Protein.

6. Are they easy to grow? Yes, each package has step by step instructions for easy growing- even for those who claim to have a black thumb 🙂 My 9-year-old granddaughter grows them herself for her lunches.

7. What amount of microgreens will each kit yield? Each kit contains 2 grow mats and 2 seed packs, so you have 2 separate growing periods. Each mat contains 6-8 servings of greens (depending on your preferred amount).

8. How long will an unopened kit stay on my shelf? An unopened kit has a shelf life of 2+ years in a cool dry place. If you refrigerate or freeze your kit, shelf life is indefinite.

9. Will you be adding to your selection of microgreens in the future? Absolutely!!! We are very excited to not only be adding more microgreen selections, but also different sized kits, microgreens that will grow better in coco coir medium rather than hydroponically such as wheatgrass, peas, sunflower, radish, beets, and swiss chard to name a few….

Quite simply, a microgreen is a particular variety of plant that can be fully harvested once the first set of leaves are developed, usually occurring within 7-10 days of seeding. At the time of harvest, the microgreens can vary from 1 to 3 inches high. Even at this early stage of development, microgreens are packed full of nutritional value, and can complement your favorite dishes with flavour that won’t go ignored!

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