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    Mar 23 2021

    4 Common Positive Intentions For Smoking

    Have you ever been a smoker? Are you still among the dwindling clan of standing out in the cold, excusing yourself from enjoyable moments to have a cigarette, and an aroma that no one appreciates?...

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    Nov 04 2020

    Online Hypnosis Programs

    Now more than ever it’s important to be able to serve a global market and people in the comfort of their own home. Hypnosis online is just as effective as live sessions one on one in the...

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    Oct 04 2020

    5 Minute Weight-Loss Water Trick

    Every time you feel hungry, go have a glass of water, wait five minutes and then decide if you were really hungry. If it was actually hunger then...

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    Sep 04 2020

    10 Things Naturally Thin People Do

    When we model somebody else it isn’t about them being better than us or them being right and us being wrong or even that they are more successful in any way. We know that everybody is good at some things and nobody is good at...

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    Aug 04 2020

    Take Action for Success

    Many of our Weight Loss clients that come to our weight-loss clinic, are very good at thinking. For example when it comes to exercise they go out and research all the different workout options, they go out and buy all of the best workout equipment,...

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    Kawartha Hypnosis
    Jul 04 2020

    Love a Proactive Routine

    There are two ways of going through life, either you are proactive or reactive. When we live in a reactive way it\'s similar to just rolling with the punches. You may be resourceful in the way you react but the reality is you could have avoided a...

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    Counselling & Psychotherapy
    Jun 15 2020

    The COVID-19 Belly

    The COVID-19 belly is not referring to a 19 inch waist! It\'s the belly that is appearing on many Canadians right...

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