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Dr. Martin Pinaud is a Clinical Relationship Counsellor serving Greater Vancouver. He provides Couples & Marriage Relationship Counselling, Family Relationship Counselling, and Individual Relationship Counselling.

The office is temporarily closed but we are offering online or phone sessions. Call 604 812-3634 or email to book an appointment.

Based in North Vancouver, Pinaud Psychological Services area include greater Vancouver, West Vancouver, and reach as far as Squamish and Whistler, BC.

Dr. Pinaud works with couples of all nationalities and sexual orientations that are experiencing negative and non-productive patterns of relating and help them develop skills for framing and maintaining healthy and loving relationships.

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Client Results & Testimonials

"I have seen Dr. Pinaud for over five sessions and I will continue to see him into the distant future. I have seen various categories of health professionals over the years and Dr. Pinaud is the preeminent professional. I initially sought his help because of my binge drinking. Through his guidance and teachings, I soon realized that my binge drinking was a symptom or a result of my tension from various issues in my life. We are making incredible progress and it gives me hope in all facets of my life. Each session feels like a litany of epiphanies...." - KAM, Barrister and Solicitor


"Martin is an exceptionally gifted clinician! He has been a tremendous help to me personally, and to both my children throughout the deep and overwhelming grief and loss we all experienced at the sudden and tragic death of my husband several years ago. Since that time, he has continued to assist my family in ways to enhance our relationships with each other while strengthening the resolve to live our lives in keeping with a functional, respectful, loving and caring path. Thank You, Martin." - J. Grimes, Executive Director BC Centre for Applied Metapshchology

"Martin Pinaud has been my counselor this past year assisting me with the ramifications of a very difficult divorce. Martin demonstrates his professionalism through his excellent listening skills, guiding me with rational thinking and keeping me focused on my goals. I compliment Martin regarding his dedication to his profession and his attention to detail as he assists me (and my children) through this healing process of rebuilding my life. Martin Pinaud was recommended to me by another therapist and I am very grateful for this recommendation. I would definitely refer other people to him for counseling services." - Heather C. 

"I have been using Dr. Martin Pinaud's counselling services for a few years now - both as an individual and as part of a couple - and besides the fact that he is local, he is personable, professional and passionate about delivering a supportive and results-oriented service to his clients.
He is an effective clinician and provides practical tools as well as a safe environment with compassion. He has helped me tremendously over the years; to clarify my position as an individual in relationships, as well as help me to gain independence and strength.
I would definitely recommend Martin to others who are seeking excellent counselling and noticeable results. I have made several referrals over the years, and will continue to do so." -T.Vipond

"Martin is one of the most insightful, helpful counsellors that I have ever worked with. When attending sessions, I actually feel like I'm making progress (rather than just talking at someone). Martin's confident approach makes me feel at ease--like I'm in good hands. I highly recommend Martin and his caring, proactive and enthusiastic approach" - B Mackworth


We utilize many different modalities when dealing with Individuals, Couples & Families. This includes Cognitive Behavioural, Short-Term Solution Focused Therapy, Adlerian Holistic approaches, Brief Therapy, Couples & Marriage Counselling, Critical Incident Stress Management, Interpersonal Psychotherapy, Family Therapy, Trauma Counselling, Life Stress Reduction, and Communication Skills Training. We recognize that utilizing only one or two methods will not always be effective for everyone. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to switch from one technique to another should we find a current method is not producing results.

Our Approach consists of developing a systematic case plan. This case plan comes from the individuals particular history and the answers they provide to an extensive series of questions. We do not make assumptions nor interject premature opinions with regards to what we think our clients should be working on. Their interest is what will dictate the progression of therapy. On the other hand we do not sit back and say little. We will offer suggestions or challenges when we are asked or when we think it may be appropriate. 

Once the case plan has been established then we are ready to proceed with the person or the topic that the clients has selected as having the most interest in dealing with.

Couples & Marriage Relationship Counselling

Most of us have had little experience in how to solve challenges or how to communicate more effectively.

Relationships don't have to be painful. My approach is tailored to your individual situation and needs.It is not a cookie cutter approach. Instead my approach focuses on the uniqueness of the the individuals histories which they bring to the relationship.

Many emotions are common to all relationship challenges such as frustration, discouragement, anger, hurt, sadness, etc, each person presents certain beliefs, and coping styles that challenge their partner. These differences surface in miscues, misunderstandings, and may eventually result in distance and hurt. They also present opportunities for learning, growth, and intimacy.Individual responsibility and growth are essential components to enhancing relationships.I work with couples to raise awareness of their individual blocks and how it affects their relationship patterns. Often communications are based on assumptions that are not checked out and then they are acted on as if they are true.This will most likely create an emotional reaction in their partner such as hurt, defensiveness, withdrawal, or aggression. Why? Because the assumption often suggests that they know what their partners intentions are.

Not only can they be wrong about this knowing but it is unfair of them to presume without asking whether their partner if they are correct and this is the source of upset in their partner.

I assist clients to uncover their communication style and guide and train them to become better communicators.I work with couples of all nationalities and sexual orientations that are experiencing negative and non-productive patterns of relating and help them develop skills for framing and maintaining healthy and loving relationships.

Family Relationship Counselling

Families present their own unique challenges. Children inject new dynamics that arouse different trials for parents and siblings alike.

This is a system that demands attention to all parties involved. Failure to include them would likely impede progress. It is a delicate situation that requires sensitivity, patience, and respect.

Different parenting styles often divide parents and the focus may shift from children to one of a power struggle with the parents.

All parties need to be respected and treated with basic human rights. These do not come without reasonably and reciprocal expectations and consequences. 

Individual Relationship Counselling

Individuals have the capacity to heal themselves and enhance their relationships. Achieving successful relationships is a key ingredient to leading a fulfilling and productive life.

Creating and maintaining a happy and kind relationship with yourself is necessary first step in developing loving relationships with others. How can this be achieved? By exposing non-productive beliefs, identifying repetitive thinking cycles, and raising awareness to the behaviour patterns that reinforce these beliefs.In addition there is always an "Emotional Charge " accompanying these cycles, such as, fear, emptiness, betrayal, anger, etc. when this emotional charge is lowered or bled off a natural shift takes place.

Many clients report a major sense of relief, a felt lightness, an ability to become unstuck, a dissipating of negative thinking, and the courage to move ahead. Some say they simply begin to like themselves more.

Relapse is a common occurrence in therapy, however, my experience is that relapse is significantly reduced and sometimes completely eliminated.Why does this happen? When "Emotional Charge" is down there is less need to reduce it and less pull for a person to revert to their old coping style. Less replace.

Relationship Counselling

All relationships have ebbs and flows of joy and pain. Pain & suffering can be reduced allowing more love to return.

Couples/ Marriages - You can solve problems and learn to communicate more effectively to create more intimacy with your partner. Cycles of feeling distant and frustrated can be broken and repaired. Relationship Counselling in Vancouver can help you re-discover the love that brought you together.

Singles - Pain and hurt from failed relationships do not have to be repeated. Unproductive patterns can be understood and changed to get the love you want. Relationship Counselling for singles can help you create the relationship you have always wanted.

Parents - Your family and children do not have to be in conflict and have repeated upsets. Simple and effective tools are at hand to relieve feelings of not being acknowledged and appreciated. Relationship Counselling in Vancouver can help bring your family together.

Children/Teens - You do have rights that need to be valued and respected. It is possible to have better relationships with your parents and siblings. Participating in Relationship Counselling with your family can help make home a happier place.

About Dr. Martin Pinaud, Psy. D. 

Dr. Pinaud is a registered Clinical Counsellor (BCACC#1992) based in North Vancouver, British Columbia, who specializes in relationship issues that include couples, families, and single individuals who may have had unsuccessful experiences in the past or are wanting to be involved in a long-term committed relationship for the first time.

Over 20 years ago, Dr. Pinaud went through a painful divorce. At that time he enrolled in a course called “Rebuilding” by Dr. Bruce Fisher, which became the catalyst for significant growth and sparked his interest in Psychology. As a result, he was trained and became a facilitator for this course. This lead to the completion of a Masters in Psychology and a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology. The leaning and passion for Dr. Pinaud's work continue's to grow.

Dr. Pinaud has facilitated groups for divorced and separated people in Australia and Canada. Currently, he works with his clients in Greater Vancouver, North & West Vancouver and as far as Squamish/ Whistler. As well as his own private practice, Dr. Pinaud is a member of a group of therapists that include Dr. Dan Stone Ph.D. and four other professionals with various specialties. This group supplies counselling services to corporate companies and their employees (EAP) and well as to a private population. Click here for more about his specialties




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The office is temporarily closed but we are offering online or phone sessions. Call 604 812-3634 or email to book an appointment.


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