May 19
Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP Practitioner Certificate**

Transform Yourself And Your Possibilities “The course has done so much more for me…

Jul 13
When being rational is completely irrational

Whenever I try to lose weight I end up sabotaging myself. How can I stop doing this?

Oct 19
Understanding Top Dog-Under Dog Thinking

This self-torture game is the real reason you repeatedly fail to get your goals.…

May 19
Hypnosis and Weight Loss

Have you tried everything to lose weight, and every time you lose, you gain it back…

Feb 04
About Regression Hypnosis

Is Regression Hypnosis Safe?

Jan 28
Re-Living Past Lives!

What is Past Life Regression? Does it Work? Is it Safe?

Jan 26
The effects of Hypnosis on smoking habits

To successfully stop smoking with hypnosis, you must be serious. Willing to level and…

Jan 12
What to expect in a Hypnosis session

I see Hypnotists on TV, what should I expect in a hypnosis session?

Aug 18
Escaping the Russian Dolls

Can hypnosis really help me lose weight?