The top 10 edible cold and flu busters

By: Oct 25, 2014
cold and flu prevention

These food items not only prevent the cold & flu, but can also help reduce the symptoms if you do get sick.

It seems like everyone has a solution for the cold or flu, but what works for some may not work for others. The best protection you can provide yourself with from these nasty afflictions, is to ensure that you are getting enough of the right types of food that have a proven track record for staving off cold and flu's, or reducing their effects when you do come down with them.

The vitamin D army
We all know that vitamins are one way of keeping our resistance levels at peak, but its knowing which vitamins do what the best. When it comes to colds and flu's and warding them off, go for foods high in vitamin D. Although the sun is your best source, some types of fish like herring, salmon and trout can be good sources. For non fish lovers than fortified vitamin D foods are a good alternative.

Probiotic foods
Probiotic is increasingly becoming a household world. These are the foods that are great for your digestive tract. By keeping it healthy you will be less susceptible to the germs and viruses that bring on the cold and flu. Any of the fermented foods are often a good source of natural probiotics. Dairy products such as yogurt, and buttermilk are additional sources.

The optimum choice here for your cold and flu fighting are Maitake, Reishi, and Shititake. Simply adding them to soups and salads is the best way to get the most that they have to offer.

White tea
Classed more as a beverage than a food it is so efficient on helping to ward off the flu and colds it is worth mentioning. Studies have shown it is more potent in anti viral and anti bacterial properties than green tea.

Phyto-chemical based foods
These include your vegetables that are dark green, red or yellow as well as fruits of the same color. These work well because they contain natural chemicals that offer you better protection against the flu bug and colds.

Sweet Potatoes
This particular food should be placed high on the great and beneficial foods list because it is packed with beta carotene which is an antioxidant.

Go for the almonds and walnuts for the purposes of warding off colds and flus. Their nutrients help to boost the immune system.

This is a common remedy, but one that may not be taken seriously enough. It too contains the powerful antioxidants.

The components of this spice allow the body to fight off microorganisms.

A spice as well, when added to some of the other cold and flu power busters you are giving yourself double protection. Add some of this to the vegetables we mentioned and you are power packed with anti flu and cold busters.

These are the ten main foods but included with them is a selection, just in case you don't like one type you have something to rely on. As mentioned if you combine them then you are increasing your chances greatly of having a potentially healthy, cold and flu free winter.