Who Can Be Hypnotized?

By: West Island Hypnosis Center, Jul 15, 2020
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Can Anyone be Hypnotized?

Hypnosis can be achieved by virtually anyone who wishes to experience this state. In fact, people experience hypnotic like states many times in their everyday lives. From watching a funny movie, and laughing along with the plot, to driving around, when suddenly we find ourselves in the driveway wondering where the last 8 blocks have gone.

The individuals who cannot be hypnotized are those who are wither inebriated, have an IQ clinically below 70, or who simply do not want to be hypnotized.

Hypnotist in the West Island and the Greater Montreal areas

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Lose Weight, Manage Stress, Quit Smoking, Become More Confident

Sessions are being conducted by a hypnotist with specialisation in Neuro Linguistic Programming to help clients quit smoking, effectively lose weight, get a good night sleep, be able to reduce stress, manage fears, change negative habits that bring about self-defeating purposes and build confidence through their programs.