People often ask me what they can do to lose weight.

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My recommendation is to start with the low hanging fruit.

Start with the little things you can easily fit into your lifestyle.

Here are a couple of easy ones:

  1. Keep a bottle of water in the console of your car, on your desk at work and beside your couch at home. Just take it with you everywhere you go and get in the habit of drinking from it regularly throughout the day. Sometimes we eat when we are simply dehydrated and thirsty. Our minds can’t tell the difference so we reach for that extra snack when all we actually needed was some water. Drinking a lot of water will curb your appetitive so it is worth doing. To make it a little tastier, I put a tea bag in the water. Peppermint or cranberry are my favourite flavours. In the winter I put in hot water to make tea. When I need a refill, I just fill it with cold water so my water has a little flavour.
  2. Go to bed early! When you go to bed late, you tend to add in an extra late-night snack or two. You aren’t thinking of food if you are asleep. Some people will tell me that they can’t go to bed early and have to have those extra meals throughout the night. For those people, weight loss is going to be more of a challenge.
  3. Consume the bulk of your calories before 7 p.m. Again, that is where going to bed early helps. The longer we stay up after supper time, the more likely we will be thinking of food and snacking. I’m not suggesting that you retire at 8 p.m. with your six-month-old, but going to bed by ten will certainly help.
  4. Make sure you have a little exercise in your daily diary. Do something different every day. Get out there and walk, swim, lift some weights, go hiking, biking, get out in the garden, mow the lawn. Just get busy doing something that you enjoy that physically tires you out for at least half an hour every day. Get at it.

Enjoy your week. Until next time…

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