New Direction for 2020!

By: Ingrid Herbert, Jan 29, 2020
Wellness To Go, Toronto, Ontario, Relationship Counselling

My purpose is to teach you how to achieve a Loving Personal Relationship

I believe my purpose is to teach you how to achieve a Loving Personal Relationship & the Spiritual Fulfillment you want and need to enjoy a happier life.’s been a few months since my successful online book launch which shares my personal struggles with self-healing.

Now I’m going to take those lessons found in the book and get very specific to show you how you can make them practical in your day-to-day life to achieve the same success.


Over the years of being on my own self-healing journey, I had to get rid of the unhappy sad version of myself. There was a time I needed external validation from my partner, and I clung to my unhealthy personal fantasy fairytale of a relationship.

Writing the book helped me come full circle to realize that I’ve been committed directly and indirectly through clients, family, and friends with helping to make sure others don’t have to go through the same struggles I did or at least making it a lot less painful to get the results and outcomes they want for their own personal happiness and fulfilment.

...checking in with those of you who were able to buy a copy of ‘Creating Sacred Space, A Journey to Self-Healing and Living the Life of your Dreams!’ I hope you’ve found some time to read it. If you’re already reading it I’d like to know how you’re doing with it, how is it going for you?

A few of my clients and friends who have bought it already have told me that they've re-read it! ...One client even took it recently on her trip to Florida as reading material.

I’m so grateful for everyone’s continued I’m looking forward to how I can help you through my book and the tools and strategies I’m going to give.

This is why I create a new program called...

 Sacred Space Relationship First Aid 

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 12 weeks of support to start having that meaningful relationship to make your current one better or being better prepared for your partner. For individuals & couples seeking support.

Please share with me about how my book has helped you or what it’s helped you realize about yourself? Or if you are looking for help Call or email me below.

Talk to you soon,

Wellness Coach and Holistic author in Toronto, ON.

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Wellness To is managed by Ingrid Herbert, a wellness coach, emotion coach, reiki master, and wellness speaker and utilises comprehensive healing strategies within the clinic and offers online sessions. The healing strategies include nutrition, balanced lifestyle, and stress management.

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Ingrid uses energy healing such as reiki and spiritual wellness to deal with a patient’s low body energy levels. Helping individuals to improve their overall lifestyle enables Ingrid to help patients create positive changes with their lives through compassion and creative problem-solving. Wellness To empowers patients to optimize their productivity, manage their everyday stress effectively and learn healthy day to day habits. These goals can be achieved by meditation, Mindfulness, body and mind detoxification.

 Sacred Space Relationship First Aid 

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