Soothing of the Nervous System

By: ReallyWell, Feb 20, 2020
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Benefits of Soothing of the Nervous System

It has an impact on everyone who I have seen 3-5 or 5-7 to feel better for most issues. Do we need to try a free session without an energy exchange as a good citizen? Ensure that they are self committed or therefore, NOTTIT.

It is about energy, positioning, the context…..VS western pills The shift is not a science or expectation in western systems that don’t talk about healing, just holding the symptoms at bay. instead understand the philosophy of healing. Therapeutic relationships…. holding the vision. be truthful. have 3 sessions and you tell me if there is something different. a shift. worth it to continue. equals faith trust and acceptance.

Meds to mask pain can allow further injury. remove pain naturally. surgical offering??? = Bowen instead.

Is there such a thing as a body shutdown and restart? always refer out of my licensing restrictions. the body is like software. when we need to reboot, we need to power down to reboot and watch how you come back into alignment. biggest challenge is the balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic.

When you are in pain, your pain demands your full attention, all healing takes place in parasympathetic. pain has pain loops ..we tend to stay in the stressed sympathetic mode. we can’t focus on anything until we get out of pain. bowen reboots out of this mode…sleep digestion. only therapy that places the body in parasympathetic mode will remove pain. other therapies that don’t do this will only have temporary relief. bowen breaks the pain loops via complete relaxation and new info for the brain as a new possibility, new research.

Can’t focus until out of pain…need sleep, need digestion, energy, circulation, elimination…..fascia is so important to our health.. anything blocked in the fascia not allowing the body to eliminate all of the toxins in the organs and not bringing circulation to the area will affect the potential healing process. acupuncture can be disturbing to some, bowen is not. no fear element and setting the bar for healing and optimizing the foundation for the body to optimize the healing process. do bowen after other modalities. Rebooting the body has the advantage of reboot plus optimize all other therapies. nutrients are better absorbed, digestion is better and sleep is more restorative.

Bowen Therapy in Aurora, Ontario

ReallyWell provides Bowen therapy services as well as Emmett, Litios Light Crystals, McLoughlin - Scar Tissue Release, and Spectrahue Chromotherapy. ReallyWell serves patients in Aurora, ON and surrounding areas including Vaughan, Newmarket and North Toronto. Bowen therapy helps patients achieve body healing, mindfulness, and optimise their body to full working condition.

Our Bowen therapists help patients to achieve pain relief for sciatica nerve pain, back pain relief, stress relief, and musculoskeletal spasm treatment.

Emmett, Litios Light Crystals and McLoughlin - Scar Tissue Release

Our clinic aims to achieve a long-lasting difference with our client's overall bodywork care. Our services aim to ease pain and discomfort, treat chronic & acute pain, injuries, and imbalances. Bowen therapy can also help the patients to improve body function for personal training, it can help in training and improving competitive athlete performance. The most important element of our practice is we offer a great health benefit to our patients.

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