What is Cranial Osteopathy for Concussions?

By: Cardinal Points Clinic, Jan 17, 2020
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The skull is made up of 22 different bones connected by joints called sutures.

Are you or anyone you know suffering from a concussion?

Did you know that Cranial Osteopathy is becoming increasingly recognized as an effective healing modality for concussions and traumatic brain injury?

The skull is made up of 22 different bones. These bones are connected by joints called sutures. The sutures are not fused together but actually accommodate for a small amount of movement – They help to accommodate for the changes of pressure and circulation of fluids in and around the brain – and also help in absorbing shock and trauma from blows to the head.

The brain itself is actually surrounded by and suspended in the skull by a number of different membranes known as the meninges. Within these membranes, the brain floats buoyantly within the cerebrospinal fluid that also fills the brain up from the inside and feeds the brain important nutrients.

During a concussion – The brain actually smacks the inside of the skull and often starts to bleed. The neurons within the brain become damaged and messages in the brain are often scrambled and this can lead to confusion and memory issues, pain, light sensitivity and more.

The brain is an incredibly important structure and it controls our motor, sensory, and even metabolic processes such as temperature regulation, digestion and more. It plays a huge role in controlling our balance and also interprets our visual and auditory sensations. Because the brain is such an important structure – a severe concussion may feel as though the entire body is being affected and it may start to feel as though it is shutting down.

The brain is bloodthirsty – it requires a very large blood supply and ample amounts of nutrients such as glucose and B vitamins for it to function optimally. One of the most effective ways to help heal a concussion is by performing a sub-acute cardiovascular activity such as jogging on a treadmill or stepping on an elliptical. This increases the circulation of blood to the entire body – most crucially to the brain.

However – Did you know that certain impacts to the head can actually cause some of those 22 cranial bones in the skulls to get knocked out of place? Or for the fluids in the brain to become congested? Certain nerves in the brain can also get impinged and the healing process can become limited or slowed significantly by biomechanical misalignments.

More and more research is showing the importance of the fluid systems in the brain in healing concussions – not just the blood supply but also the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid and lymphatic fluids are incredibly important in the healing of concussions. It is also becoming more and more accepted scientifically that post-concussion patients have an accumulation of toxins in and around the brain that congest and delay healing. The elimination of poisonous toxins and the introduction of important nutrients to the brain is an incredibly important part of the healing process.

This is one of the reasons why Cranial Osteopathy is becoming an increasingly recognized treatment for patients with concussions. Cranial Osteopathy works to mobilize and realign the sutures of the skull – to relax and reduce tension from the muscles of the skull – and most importantly to increase fluid circulation and to help eliminate toxins from the brain. Manual Osteopaths are trained to assess and treat many different disorders of the skull – releasing tension to help with migraines, TMJ pain, concussions, brain injuries and more.

If you or anyone you know is currently experiencing a concussion – Cranial Osteopathy maybe that extra boost that makes all the difference in your outcome of recovery.

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