A Mother’s Testimonial

Little Black Rose Testimony

My son was diagnosed with autism at an early age, this was very painful for the family as he is our only child. We had no idea what to do or how to deal with an autistic child. We were given no information or guidance regarding this. Our son started school at age four and had to change school a couple of times due to his autistic behavior.

At one school he was assigned a one on one worker, she would remove him from the class when he became disruptive which was most of the time. He was unable to sit or focus on given task and could not communicate verbally: he focus on given task and could not communicate verbally: he would make odd noises constantly flap his hands and would wonder around the class room, he would become physically aggressive if he was forced to comply.

The worker would bring him to me each day after her effort to calm him would fail ( I work in the daycare at the school.) My husband work nights and he started coming to the school after work so that they would not have to bring our son to me while I was at work so he would take our son. We decided to try another school for our son and it was at this new school we met Mrs Allen.

Our son’s new teacher gave us phone numbers to a couple agencies that provides services to autistic children. Someone came to our home from one of the agencies but she spoke to us about the other agency and that we need to be careful if we are getting someone to work with our son, but there was no work done with our son by this worker.

The next agency sent us flyers of upcoming seminars and workshops which we could not afford we were still stressed and frustrated, our needs were still not met. We were sleep deprived as our son did not sleep much and was often noisy and unsettled during the night.

We cried a lot and most mornings when I would drop him off at school Mrs. Allen would notice the tears and would try to encourage me to try to get him help before he got older and not to give up hope; she would inquire about the agencies we contacted and what was being done for us, we told her nothing had changed and what we experienced with the agencies.

She informed me of the services offered by Little Black Rose to families but I told her that we could not afford the service offered. The following morning again I delivered my son with tears in my eyes and again Mrs. Allen approached me regarding the service, she said she would work something out but I told her I did not.

I wanted to pay her the right amount for her services, she said that she was the one who makes the decision about what she will accept to be paid not me and I should think about it. I did not get back to Rosita because I felt we would not be able to afford it in spite of what she said, a couple of days after, I came again with tears in my eyes. Rosita took me to a private room and informed me that she would be coming to our home the following week.

She was there and started working with our son, changes were observed in a few weeks, it is almost five years since Rosita started working with our son. He is nine years old now and we still cry but we cry for joy when we see the continued progress and achievement in our son.

There has been significant improvement from where we started.

Our family calls Rosita “Our Angel” we do not know what we would have done without her, our son is very confident, he is aware that he is different from others, he knows that what makes him different is autism and he can talk about it; he has good self-esteem; his marks in school is in the nineties most of the time: his spelling is almost all right; he is very good at math and communicating verbally: he can imitate conversations and hold conversations; he is able to control his stimming.

We are no longer stressed and worried about our son, Rosita has empowered both us and our son, we now have hope. A few months ago our son came to me and said “mom, I want to be the first autistic man on the moon” Tears filled my eyes, I said “you can be whatever you want to be” thanks to Rosita we understand and can support our son. We are no longer stressed and worried about him and his future.

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