What are the Top 6 Signs of Having Postpartum?

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Are there things that can be done to be proactive about this?

Determine If You Have Postpartum by Identifying the Signs and Symptoms.

Six of the top signs of having postpartum are...

  1. Still feeling sad, anxious, or overwhelmed 2-3 weeks after the birth of your baby,
  2. Your thoughts feel all-consuming, you cannot stop worrying about your baby, you may also have trouble making simple decisions
  3. You have lost interest in things, even things you used to be interested in
  4. You feel lost, isolated and not “like yourself’
  5. You are afraid to be alone or alone with your baby
  6. You can’t sleep even when you have the opportunity to

The best way to be proactive about postpartum anxiety and depression is to begin talking about it with your primary care providers who can refer you to a counsellor who specializes in postpartum mental health.

Do you have a history of anxiety and depression? That is really important for your midwife, doctor or obstetrician to know. The best way to protect yourself against postpartum depression and anxiety is to begin working on working on it while you are still pregnant.

You can begin to look at how you have handled stress and anxiety in the past, this will provide a framework on how you might cope in the postpartum period. While you are still pregnant you will be able to begin working on building up your mental well-being so that you can go into your postpartum period feeling strong and resourced. All too often people feel like they need to just get through their pregnancy and then they will be able to ‘rest and recover their well-being’ It is true that resting is important in your postpartum period but you will also be more sleep-deprived and going through the steep learning curve of developing the new skills to take care of your baby.

Looking at mental health in pregnancy can help you make a plan of how you are going to cope when things get hard. Practicing good lifestyle habits in pregnancy make it easier and more possible to cope better in the postpartum period.

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Tanya Podlozniuk Pregnancy and Postpartum Counselling offers pregnancy counselling, postpartum counselling, couples counselling, and grief counselling in Vancouver, North Vancouver and the greater Vancouver areas.

If you are suffering from mental health symptoms such as anxiety, postpartum depression or need help with overcoming birth trauma, relationship conflict and life transitions Tanya is well versed in these fields. 

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Her clinic also offers personal sexuality counselling, and trauma counselling. Tanya Podlozniuk Pregnancy and Postpartum Counselling specialises in different types of therapy services that helps patients with anxiety and depression in pregnancy, postpartum depression and anxiety, relationships, sexuality and life transitions to create a positive change in their lives. Tanya Podlozniuk, a registered clinical counsellor believes that having emotional support is very important in patients overall well-being. Patients should know that they are not alone in their journey.