Does osteopathic treatment help with un-diagnosed pain?

By: Benji Niss - Osteopathy Manual Practitioner Feb 21, 2018
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Is there an osteopathic assessment?

The best way to find out if an osteopathic practitioner can help with undiagnosed pain is to book an assessment and find out for yourself as each case is unique. During an assessment and treatment, all osteopathic practitioners are highly trained in palpation skills which are the art of using their hands to assess and potentially diagnose dysfunctions within the body.

Using this practice, the practitioner has a strong chance to find the root of the problem and then have a whole arsenal of techniques to pick and choose from to correct the dysfunction.

Whether the pain is muscle, bone, tendon, ligament or organ related, an osteopath has the tools to help distinguish and treat the pain and help the patient get back to leading a healthy and active life free of pain.

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