Do you have duplicate content?

By: Health Local Staff , Nov 12, 2018
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Duplicate Listings can Hurt your Google Rank!

In recent atrilces, we've talked about the importance of using local search to cost-effectively market and grow your business. Specifically, we've highlighted the importance of a creating a large online footprint with accurate and consistent information (NAP - Name/Address/Phone, keyword-rich descriptions, etc.) about your business. With over 80% of consumers searching online to find local businesses, missing or inaccurate listings will lead to missed sales opportunities.

While it is beneficial to ensure your business is accurately listed on as many reputable directories as possible, it is important you refrain from having multiple (duplicate) listings in the same directory. 
Businesses that have duplicate listings for the same business location can experience a drop in search ranking, watch video below...
Chances are, if you scour the web, you'll likely find a few duplicate listings for your business. This may not necessarily be your fault! Often, duplicates can arise out of automated activity on the part of search engines or directories or well-meaning consumers who suggest listings to Google or other directories.
If you do find that your business has duplicate listings, it is imperative to fix this by contacting the affected directory as quickly as possible. 
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