What you need to know about Keywords!

By: Health Local Staff , Dec 14, 2018
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How do having Keywords help my online footprint?

All business owners want their business to show up front-and-centre when potential customers search for their services or products online. In this context, it is crucial to understand how potential customers are searching.

Words are Important! Using the same words your customers would use to describe your business is likely the most important activity you can do to effectively market your services and products online.

Follow Google's Advice!

Follow Google's advice and think like a customer. As a Health Professional who serves a local clientele, it is important you find keywords that are commonly used by your customers to describe the:

  1. Treatments and products you provide;
  2. Symptoms and conditions you treat; and
  3. Local areas (communities, towns, cities) you service.

For example, if you're a multi-disciplinary healthcare centre in Kelowna, BC offering Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic Treatments for Sports Injuries and Chronic Pain, then you should definitely incorporate all of these terms at the very beginning of not only your own website, but consistently everywhere else your business is described online.

Over time, this level of focus and consistency will raise your ranking for these search terms in your local area. Remember, it's not just getting any visitor to your business online, but getting the right kind of visitors to find information about your business (from any credible online source) via Google search.

What are your most commonly searched Keywords?

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What is Pull Marketing?

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