How do I add my NAP online?

By: Health Local Staff , Oct 24, 2018
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How do I add my NAP online so Google can hear my NAPping voice?

Amplify Your Online Voice!

In other articles, we've talked about helping Google effectively present your business to its millions of users by:

  • Writing an online description of your business using keywords that potential customers would use to describe your services, products and conditions you treat; and
  • Making sure your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) is accurate and consistent since businesses that maintain NAP consistency have a Big Advantage in local search
  • The next step is to establish a strong, accurate online presence by amplifying your keyword-rich descriptions all over the internet on relevant, high-authority directories.

Google improves its ability to provide accurate search results by aggregating information from all over the internet. If it is able to verify the same information about your business from multiple sources, its level of confidence grows and your business is likely to have higher search ranking as a result.



 Managing your online presence does take some effort since this involves:

  • Identifying all the places your business is listed online (chances are, you didn't put it there yourself);
  • Creating and managing login credentials on high-authority directory sites (using a password-protected spreadsheet to keep track of this information may help);
  • Finding and correcting duplicate listings (sometimes by directly contacting a local directory);
  • Regularly monitoring for errors due to changes (often submitted by other users); and
  • Consistently updating all directories with changes to your NAP, service descriptions, hours of operations, images, etc.

By executing these actions, your business will likely stand to gain a large competitive advantage in your local area. Remember, the name of the game is no longer just clicks to your website, but search-traffic to your business information from multiple sources online.

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