Why Exercising won't help all Pain!

By: Dr. David Koivuranta, DC Apr 06, 2017
Toronto, DK Chiro, Ontario, Injuries

Why Chiropractic Care may be more effective for pain relief than exercise!

Fitness is one of the things that supports the good functions in our body along with food nutrition and supplementation.

But, what exercises can you do to remove problems like — fixing your back, fixing your neck, fixing your knee, fixing your shoulders…

When something in your body is not moving right, not fitting right, regardless of exercises that may make you feel good, the problem does not get fixed. What chiropractic adjustments do is help the body parts to participate in the movement as well. This way, when every part is participating, you will get MORE benefits from your exercise. And, when your body parts participate, you create a better experience in your life.

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