90% of our cells are from "BUGS" ...WHAT!!!!

By: Dr. Elisabeth Bastos ND Jan 11, 2017
Guelph, Ontario, Cell Testing, Bugs in our cells

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Those bugs....Those Bugs....

Our body has trillions of cells....and of those about 90% are from "bugs" that are not our own personal cells!

Based on Biological German Medicine / Terrain therapy, we can not ignore the environment we create for these bugs, including our blood environment and bowel environment.
If we are not eating suited to our genetics and not monitoring our milieu/environment such as with live cell analysis, we may be setting ourselves up for chronic illness and general poor vitality and immunity just to name a few outcomes.

I am happy to share and educate you more by having you message myself and my team, and stay tuned for our clinic airing of the RogersTV episodes I aired on for the wellness of being show exactly about this topic of blood and bowel bugs....what you didn't know.

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