Top 10 Exercises To Get Fit!

By: Dr. David Koivuranta, DC Apr 03, 2017
boxing, dancing, biking, climbing, walking

How can I become Fitter, faster and funner?

Did you know that your body actually wants to move? It is designed for action and motion. I can show you how your vertebrae and joints are perfectly crafted for activity. 

How do we make sure our bodies stay moving when we’re stuck behind desks or commuting? How can we fit exercise into our schedules, yet vary our routines to avoid boredom?

Check out my Top Ten list of off-the-wall exercises to get fit fast!

1. Jumping Jacks: Remember how those gym classes used to start? Jumping jacks are an easy way to get your blood flowing and heart rate up. Try alternating movements. This exercise is easy to squeeze into any schedule!

2. Trampoline Bouncing: Were you the lucky kid who got a trampoline or did you play at your friend’s house to use hers? The trampoline can be a great way to get a quick cardio work out whether you have a giant one in the back-yard or purchase a small one for in-home use.

3. Mountain Biking: When you’re whizzing by tree-covered mountaintops on a beautiful day, you won’t even realize you are working out! Breathe in some fresh air and work those arms and legs around the bend!

4. Belly Dancing: Feeling good about yourself has never looked better. Belly dancing classes are a fun way to work your body and heart. If belly dancing isn’t quite your style, just do a silly dance with the kids or jam to your favorite tunes in the kitchen by yourself.

5. Ballet: Always wanted great legs? You don’t have to be a professional dancer to have them. Taking ballet lessons is a fun way to tone up your legs in a graceful way. Even foot-ball players sometimes take ballet to improve their co-ordination and balance!

6. Water Aerobics: Splashing in synchronized motion isn’t just for seniors! This wet workout gives you a total body ex-perience and works all your muscles!

7. Boxing: After a hard day, boxing might be the perfect way for some to relieve stress and your waistline of a few inch-es! Got something on your mind? Work it out! Between up-percuts and footwork, you will build your arm muscles, get cardio and tone your abs.

8. Rock Wall Climbing: Never thought you could climb all the way? Rock climbing in nature or a wall is great for self-esteem and muscle building! Just be sure to have the right coach to guide you to the top!

9. Wild Wheels: Ice skating, roller skating, roller blading…you could even try skateboarding! Strap on your iPod and skate the day away, or surprise your sweetie with a retro “couples skate” date night!

10. Backwards Walking: This new exercise trend requires agility, stability, balance and coordination. And a dose of courage for potential sidewalk spills! Make sure you walk on a track or controlled setting for safety reasons, and try to log at least thirty minutes.

Whatever you prefer, expand your comfort level and try something new! I am here for you and can recommend specific strengthening exercises and keep your spine aligned and balanced so you can minimize injuries and maximize your workout. Just ASK!

The owner of David Koivuranta Chiropractic in Yorkville (downtown Toronto, ON), Dr. Dave, as he is affectionately known, has created a health and wellness service and information program to fulfill his desire to educate, inform and entertain people as broadly as his clinical and speaking efforts will take him. He has treated patients with chiropractic care, nutritional consulting, weight management programs and technology like non-surgical spinal decompression. His experience in this regard is vast and allows him to meet people and patients where they are at with their health challenges and goals.

Dr. Dave graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minneapolis, MN with a Bachelors in Human Biology and a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree at the top of his class!…summa cum laude. His mission is to help serve as many people as possible on a path to living healthy lives forever,