Restore your metabolism

By: Dr. Elisabeth Bastos ND Jan 10, 2017
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Why is your metabolism so important?

The word metabolism is derived from the Greek language. And it means “change” or “transformation”. For our purposes of body function, metabolism is the amount of energy your body burns/uses to maintain vital bodily functions.  Your goal, is to make sure you are not having your body waste its current energy on needless tasks such as trying to breakdown harmful indigestible foods, dealing with negative people, allowing unproductive worry, or exercising ineffectively and for too long.

Ramping it up

At every moment, be it that you are sleeping, or at the mall shopping or in the gym exercising, your body is constantly burning calories/energy. It needs fuel just as a car needs fuel to power itself or a machine. Your metabolism is the regulator and manager of your body’s fuel.

Food and your body chemistry

Eating right for your specific body chemistry is an important way to ensure that your food will be metabolized more effectively and that you won’t feel drained after your meal from toxic buildup and fermentation.

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