What is General Toxicity?

By: Dr. Elisabeth Bastos ND Nov 09, 2016
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This means that because you live on planet earth, the chances are, you have been, and are being exposed to more toxins than what your liver, kidney and lungs can clear and those toxins are being stored away, booging up the communication between the cells of the body, and making you a less efficient machine.  Eleven years of health checks and chats with environmental scientists has led me to the conclusion that a toxicity drainage including for heavy metals, is a good idea minimum of once per year and best twice per year for the general adult population.  Even my children at 2 years of age were having gentle drainage routines.  And of course, if you have history of mercury fillings, prescription medication, factory work or chemical work then you will need to make checking this out a top priority and remember that heavy metals can take about 50 years to release by half on their own from your body after exposure as they can get stored in your body’s tissues.


This needs to be very specific and done in a way that allows your body to efficiently get out the waste released through the “primary emunctories”, such as with professional drainage remedies like Unda that need to be prescribed by your Naturopath or trusted Holistic Practitioner. Watch out for herbals that just release surface toxins and may leave you feeling sick or laxative herbals that will have you running to the bathroom but are not necessarily doing a deep cellular clean.


This can be controversial topic so I will often say that if you live on this planet, then do a professional toxicity release regardless, but some ways that have given me great insights in my treatment approaches have been hair analysis, and urine screening.

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