I have had digestion issues for a long time, can an Osteopathy help?

By: Better Health Clinic Oct 31, 2016
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I have had digestion issues for a long time, my friend suggested an osteopath, and can they help me? If so how?

Osteopath Manual practitioners have specific techniques to treat the digestive organs. Skilled hands are trained to treat restrictions, perhaps due to scars or inflammation, congestion or other factors that can impede on normal function of the organs.

Osteopaths are trained to see the whole body, so they will also evaluate and treat other parts of the body that may affect digestion, such as the spine, pelvis, and head where important digestive nerves originate, and the diaphragm (main muscle of respiration) which acts as a pump for the abdominal organs.

Once the Osteopath has determined what is causing digestive problems they will treat the person with hands on techniques. When all parts of the body are restored to normal position and restrictions are removed the body can heal and function better. This is very effective!

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Stacey Ayes and Aude Chaumont

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