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Bugs in our body, Friends or Foe

Interview transcript from the Wellness of Being on Rogers TV with Dr. Bastos ND

Endobiosis interview with Dr. Bastos

Q – What got you started in all this?

A- I have been focused on Naturopathic Medicine since high school (about 20 yrs. ago now) when I was I a car accident while riding my bike. I was hit pretty hard and went up on the hood and I remember not being able to hold any position without pain. My parents started me in natural therapies as the first line of approach and I was able to function again very quickly and that really inspired me.


Q – You are a founder and Doctor at your busy clinic. What lead you to adding on free educational events on top of that?

A – I’m a first generation Canadian, with parents that literally came to Canada with just a suitcase so I was taught to really appreciate the value of money. After years of having patients literally dump piles of products on my desk worth at times $500 or more, just to find out that ¾ or more of them don’t even work for their body chemistry…I became sensitive to that…and when I have seen so many case studies of proof as to what really works, my educational material was born ….to empower individuals and families with information they can share with their health care providers to avoid those money grabbing, band aid products.


Q – My Audience wants to know where they are going wrong

A- Well, we have more bugs in the body then cells and most people I meet over focus on the gut flora alone. People need to realize that we have so many other bugs naturally in the body tissues and blood such as Mucor and Aspergillus that need particular attention or they can lead us into energy drain and major health concerns such as cancer and heart disease if we don’t hold a healthy terrain.


Q- So what happens with these microbes in our body?

A- German scientists using microscopic live cell analysis, found that these microbes or bugs don’t cause us trouble, they live symbiotically with us, as long as our body tissues don’t become imbalanced in their acidity and we are properly nourished, but when we tip the body’s PH scale the wrong way, these once harmless bugs now become high valence in their development and become destructive. When this happens at a large scale it’s called endobiosis.

If we can put up the picture of the microbes in the harmless state I can show your audience what I mean……those dots are the microbes when they are harmless.
There is short video of live blood with a high valence form….that chubby rod in the blood cell has invaded that cells and is destroying it. The good news is that these harmful endiobionts can change back to a harmless state if we just get a grip on our acidity levels.


Q- So let me get this straight. My own body can turn on me if I don’t what my acid-base balance and keep alkaline?

A- Exactly, when the bugs morph into that high development level they can now destroy your red blood cell centers that carry iron and oxygen and clump your blood cells together. This can create in time a low oxygen environment which can make you tired and is a breeding ground for chronic illness and disease.


Q- How do we find out where we stand specifically?

A- To get a direct look at your blood terrain I suggest finding someone trained in live cell analysis also called dark field microscopy to see if there are irrefutable signs of acidic changes in the blood stream such as cell clumping or those hi valence bug forms and if there are any signs of malnutrition, such as thin red blood cell walls called ghost cells, that can make the blood cells more prone to attack.


Q- If I was found to have unhealthy signs under the microscope what could I start doing today to become more alkaline?

A – Eat more fruits and vegetables…I know that doesn’t sound so revolutionary and you might have flashbacks of your Mom nagging you right about now…but your Mom was right…and most of us really don’t get the 7 servings of fruit and veg required to build up enough mineral status to counter all the acidity and free radical producing exposures in our lives. Potassium, magnesium and calcium are just a few of the most alkalinizing and protective minerals and there are professional supplements containing these can be used short term to really push the body out of acidity more aggressively, but without professional guidance and testing to ensure you actually need them, they can be dangerous and not perhaps not even necessary when you make the right lifestyle moves.

And these are my favorite vegetables that pack a major alkalinizing punch and are under used…
(Demo of sea vegetables in duels form …asking if you have tried it before….and seaweed roasted and raw wraps and my favorite way to eat them and spirulina power and chlorella caps_


Q – Does stress play a role in body acidity?

A – Prolonged stress causes so many health concerns include brain cell destruction, pain and inflammation flare up, high blood pressure and definitely acidity


Q- What do you do to get a grip on stress?

A – I have been taught by one of my mentors that you don’t want to assume you can control stressful events that are bound to happen, but you can control your response and in fact become more neutral to lives events which is where you have your power over stress. I also pray or meditate daily which is a major secret of mine.


Q- What about digestion. I understand that plays a huge role in our baseline health? Does it affect acidity?

A – Sure, you may have heard the expression you are what you eat or my favorite is “one man’s food is another man’s poison”. I work with that concept daily in my private practice because in my peer reviewed research, I was able to prove that removing these core problem foods produces 94.25% clinically significant positive outcomes. There are certain foods we don’t have the ability to properly digest based on our genetic makeup and from what we know since 1920’s the effect is lifelong, and when we eat them their metabolic breakdown creates toxins in your body that can be acidic. Because 80% or so, of your immune is in your intestines, eating these food types can unbalance the immune system, create inflammation, acidity, energy drain and belly pain just to name a few.
So anyone watching can ask their ND to refer them for this Carroll Method intolerance assessment to find out what their problem foods are. Naturopaths doing it the traditional blood spot way are referring out of Ontario for the check and I am personally one of the few in Canada fully trained in this method and coaching.


Q- Elisabeth, we covered so much great information, can you summarize for us what we learned about why being less acidic is so core to wellbeing?

A – Of Course. Having the proper acid base balance in the right areas in the tissues
supports less inflammation in the body – which is found to underlie most if not all illness and disease

Having the proper PH balance in the blood promotes your normal body microbes to stay in their normal, low valence, harmless forms

And maintaining an alkalinizing lifestyle also typically means less sticky red blood cells which means more oxygen circulation. And a well oxygenated blood system moves you away from the potential of chronic disease and illness.


Q – Now Elisabeth is going to be gifting all of you today an e copy of one of her 3 books today. Can let everyone know how

A – I am so honored to be with you and your audience and would like to save everyone the 15 plus year learning curve to took me and hundreds of thousands of dollars to figure this out on my own, so my energy guide book is free by just emailing me
At with subject line “We Love Brad”. I decode the main reasons individuals feel overly drained and tips on what blood tests to ask your doctor for based on your symptoms and so much more so no rock is unturned.


Q- Hinted to some training videos also:

A – Absolutely, I have free micro trainings also at my website and on the event page you can sign up for next live educational event to continue to empower you with your Doctor.

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