How To Rebuild Collagen And Prevent Wrinkles

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Improve your skin’s overall hydration, pigment and elasticity.

There are a number of factors (social, biological and environmental) that affect the rate at which our skin ages and wrinkles.

UV exposure, low winter temperatures, poor diet, daily commute times, stress levels, genetics, smoking and geographical elevation are all considered to be “Aging Influencers”.

When it comes to our faces, on average, women will incur nearly 80% of their sun damage prior to age 20. From 20 onward, collagen production will decline by 1% per year and the thickness of the skin will decrease roughly 7% every decade. Throughout the years, the body will stop producing ceramides and collagen which will impact the skin’s overall hydration, pigment and elasticity.

At Clarity Medspa & Laser, we are into providing solutions, always exploring and testing various technologies as a pro-active approach to anti-aging. One of our favourite modalities to tighten skin, rebuild collagen and prevent wrinkles is Exilis Elite™. Exilis Elite™ can be done year round and incorporates mono polar radio-frequency to deliver deep thermal heat and ramp up metabolic activity within the cells. This process stimulates skin cells, “tricking” the body to produce more collagen, reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture. With no risk of allergy, immune reaction or injection-induced infection, Exilis Elite is an incredible, scientifically proven and wow-factor treatment that we use for skin tightening and facial rejuvenation.

We love this technology for its diversity and agelessness: whether you’re age 20 or 40, the Exilis Elite™ can be used to restore and enhance your appearance. This treatment can be done year round and does not have the sun-sensitivity issues that many other lasers have. Additionally, Exilis Elite combines synergistically with Botox and Fillers.

Our younger clients can use it to proactively rebuild their collagen, fibre-elastins and epidermis prior to lines setting in. By contrast, our mature clients can use the same technology, on different settings, to repair years of damage and restore deeper wrinkles. The treatment is painless (think: warm stone massage) and there is no anaesthesia or downtime involved.

Reversing the signs of ageing can be a challenge, but we’ve got the right machine, the right clinician and the right regimen waiting for you at Clarity Medspa in Toronto.

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