Can acupuncture help postpartum? What should I expect?

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How acupuncture help postpartum?

Yes, Acupuncture can benefit new mothers through their post-partum period.

One specific treatment given to new mothers is called Mother Warming. It is a useful one-time treatment given around day 4 or 5 post-birth to help energize the mother and aid in her recovery. This is done through the use of Moxa along important meridian channels (see more on Moxa below).

In addition to Mother Warming, TCM acupuncture treatments during the postnatal period can help prevent disharmonies from developing. It is quite common to see women postnatally with a range of deficiency problems that originated or worsened following the birth, do to the amount of qi and blood they put into the pregnancy and lost during labour.

Some specific postnatal concerns that can be addressed are: improving energy levels, treating persistent uterine bleeding, after pains, insufficient lactation/milk production, mastitis and minor postnatal depression.

Krista is a Women’s Health Expert.

As an acupuncturist Krista is like a gardener. It is her job to help the garden (her patients) to thrive. She is able to help nature along by providing the necessary water and fertilizer (a.k.a acupuncture & TCM modalities). Krista makes sure that the plants receive the right amount of sun and remove any weeds. Gardening takes time and effort, but the reward is a beautiful healthy garden with abundant flowers and vegetables.

When you work with Krista in clinic, on your initial visit you will complete a full health history evaluation. This looks at all body systems, in order to get a full picture of your health. Additionally, she will do a tongue, pulse and hara diagnosis, all of which provide another picture of what is going on in the body from a physical point of view. When the intake is complete she will determine your TCM diagnosis and treatment plan, followed by the treatment itself. Once the needles are in, they are retained for 20-30 minutes while you relax. The needles are then removed & once you are off the table she will discuss future treatment plans with you.

You can think of an Acupuncture treatment like removing a kink in a hose. If your garden hose has a kink in it, water cannot flow and without adequate water the plants cannot thrive, grow and flower. As an Acupuncturist Krista detects and corrects where the kinks or blockages in the flow of Qi (energy) are. Once located, she can use specific points & TCM modalities to un-kink and restore the proper flow of Qi, so that your cells, muscles, tissues and organs can function correctly.