Is Vestibular Rehabilitation For Me?

InFocus Rehabilitation Centre Inc., Physiotherapy

Has your doctor told you that you have an inner ear virus?

What does this mean?

The symptoms of an inner ear virus are:
  • dizziness/vertigo
  • nausea/vomiting
  • imbalance and blurry vision.

Some people are hospitalized for rehydration and medication to help calm the symptoms. There are hundreds of viruses that can attack our systems. In the ear, if the virus attacks the nerve it is called vestibular neuritis. If it attacks the canals it is called labyrinthitis. The latter is diagnosed when there is a hearing loss associated.

If you have had an inner ear virus you should be referred for vestibular rehabilitation. This type of therapy will help to eliminate symptoms, restore balance and visual acuity. It works to help your systems adapt and compensate for the damage that the virus has done. If you do not get treatment, you run the risk of symptoms returning. This is called decompensation. A physiotherapist that has advanced training in the treatment of vestibular disorders would be most likely to assist you with this issue. There is help out there. Get out and seek it!

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