How To Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking

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Let go of your fear, and start speaking freely and comfortably

All eyes are on you. You freeze. You lose your train of thought. All the planning you have done has suddenly vaporized.

There is a real biological reason why public speaking is the most common fear. To your nervous system, staring is perceived as a threat. So when you are in front of a group of people, and all eyes are on you, the natural response is to fight, flee or freeze. None of which is helpful when you are toasting your best friend at their wedding or presenting to a client at work. 

Shift your subconscious mind perception.

So, what you can you do about it? Since fear of public speaking comes from your subconscious mind, that is where the change needs to happen. 

With hypnosis, you have the opportunity to shift your subconscious perception and emotion, so that you can let go your public speaking fear. 

Here are some ideas to get you started: 

  • Fantasize your way through your speech in advance, and imagine it going exactly the way you want it to go. 
  • Make eye contact with one friendly face in the room. 
  • Imagine that they are the only one there, and speak directly to them.
  • Make your goal connecting with them, and genuinely communicating your message to them. 
  • Give yourself permission to learn. Each speech you give will offer you important feedback for making the next one even better.

Learn more how to get out of Fear and Stress with Hypnosis

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