Using Block Therapy To Improve Your Golf Swing

By: Joanne Holt - Block Therapy Specialist Aug 25, 2015
Using Block Therapy To Improve Your Golf Swing, JMH Wellness

Your Fluid, Effortless Golf Swing is Only a Block Away!

Have you ever considered attending a Block Therapy Golf Session?

The Block Therapy Golf program will consist of three sessions. Each session builds progressively on the previous session. This will allow you to better understand the golf swing body connection and more effectively take advantage of your Block Buddy to help you with your golf and fitness goals. Block Therapy sequences will target the core and rib cage. This will improve the flexibility of the spine, and create a deeper integration and strength of the core muscles, important for proper body pivot and rotation in the golf swing. 

Attention will be focused on proper diaphragmatic breathing, which will benefit core strength, relaxation, focus concentration and balance. In the second session, Block Therapy will target the hips, legs and gluteal muscles. This will improve the flexibility of the hips and low back and develop stability and balance to improve your golf swing consistency. It will add power and make it easier to move properly to swing the club effectively. 

Diaphragmatic breathing and relaxation are incorporated. It will include warm-up exercises for play, how the Block will help your putting and short game and reduce tension levels when you play. Block Therapy will target the shoulders, upper back and neck. This will make it easier to let the arms swing freely and effortlessly through increased flexibility, rotation and power of the upper back and shoulders, allowing for a “Fluid Effortless Golf Swing! 

As with all sessions, diaphragmatic breathing and relaxation are incorporated. These sessions can be done as a group or privately as requested. Contact a Block Therapy Instructor today, and learn specific Block placements. They can help you to improve your game and give you that fluid swing you've always wanted!

Joanne is a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Resistance and Active Older Adult Exercise Instructor, Nutrition and Wellness Specialist and a Certified Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy Instructor at JMH Wellness Centre in Winnipeg, MB

Joanne applies her extensive knowledge and experience toward helping people achieve a higher level of fitness and improved quality of life. As a personal trainer, it is Joanne's mission to share her enthusiasm, experience and motivation towards health and fitness goals that can help her clients live their lives the fullest.

Adding Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy to her repertoire of specialties has given her a great understanding of proper diaphragmatic breathing and she is looking forward to adding the practice to the health and fitness regimes of her clients.  Joanne Holt says, "Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy has completed the package of what I was missing and so much about that was the proper diaphragmatic breath, which is now such a huge part of my daily life. There is so much enjoyment about teaching this work to others and watching the changes that take place in flexibility, range of motion and even strength."

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