Can Anyone Receive Massage?

By: Maria Murchie, RMT, Aug 17, 2015
Can Anyone Receive Massage?, Maria Murchie, RMT, Hamilton, ON

You're never too old, or too young!

Is Massage Safe For Anyone?

The answer is yes! Massage therapy is safe for everyone to receive. In her experience, registered massage therapist Maria Murchie had treated a wide variety of ages, even as young as 6 months old. Teaching parents how to bold with their babies through massage and all the way to 90 year old, who is simply looking for a soothing treatment to ease aging muscles and joints. Additionally, a good percentage of Maria Murchie's clientele are pregnant. Massage is safe for them, starting from week one all the way to full term at week forty.

Communication is Key, Do What Feels Right For You!

As long as you communicate with your therapist of any health concerns you way have or specific areas to me focused on or avoided there is not issue receiving the massage. Massage is quite versatile. Some individuals may not be comfortable lying on a table or even taking their clothing off, so there are other options. For example, massage can be done seated with the clothing on. There are even special headrest designed to be mounted on an office desk for a quick 10-15 minute treatment on a lunch break. Many offices actually do offer massages for their employees, and some businesses do even have massage benefits plans to take advantage of. 

Your Hamilton Dundurn Massage Therapist

Maria Murchie, RMT, resident of Hamilton, Ontario, always knew she wanted to be in the health field, however at a young age she learned that she had a blood phobia, so she was forced to rethink her nursing career. Massage seemed to be a hemoglobin free alternative and it has been for the last 6 years.
A graduate of the Canadian Therapeutic College 2004, and a member of the Canadian Massage Therapists of Ontario since 2005, Maria enjoys finding new therapies and new places to travel, to become more educated in the massage therapy field. Just recently Maria travelled to St. Petersburg, Florida to educate herself on the BAMBOO FUSION massage, and is excited to bring this latest therapy to her clients in Canada.

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