Why Normal Breathing is Important

By: Genady Gorohovsky, R.Ac. Mar 18, 2015
Why Normal Breathing is Important | Future Healing Center, Toronto, ON

Buteyko breathing is designed to address a wide variety of medical issues

Some of the more recent medical studies have shown that an overwhelming number of illnesses have their roots in excessive breathing, or hyperventilation. The modern day lifestyle has significantly altered the way human kind breathes. The dramatic environmental changes and a sedentary, inactive lifestyle have caused our breathing to gradually become deeper, which is not nearly as benign as it may seem. Deep breathing leads to lesser amount of oxygen taken. Your organs and tissue aren’t receiving enough oxygen to function properly, which leads to a variety of diseases. Just take a look at any person with a medical issue, and you will see a hyper ventilator.

As we said, breathing is an involuntary action, but we can voluntarily change the way we breathe through breathing exercises. Since breathing regulates all the biochemical processes in our body, returning your breathing to normal will also normalize said processes and have your body working properly. Thus, breathing normalization removes the initial cause of illness, not only symptoms.

Buteyko breathing method is designed to address a wide variety of medical issues. Named after globally renowned Russian doctor Konstantin Buteyko who designed the program, it has rapidly spread across the globe, steadily growing in popularity and the number of practitioners.

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