By: Lyn Firth, Registered Professional Counsellor Mar 27, 2015
Stuck in Life! | Lyn Firth the life you want

I feel stuck in my life. What can I do to find out where I should be?

Don't live your life according to a list of ’shoulds’

As a woman chances are you are living your life according to a list of ’shoulds’ … according to how family, friends and society has told you, you ought to think, feel and behave. With all of your past conditioning and the pressure to conform to today’s ideal of what living successfully ‘should’ look like, it’s no wonder you frequently end up feeling unhappy and stuck in a life that you may feel you did not choose. Do you want change but fear what might happen if you do?

Therapy can help you transform your life:

  • Identify the ’should’ messages you received that hold you back;
  • Discover your unmet needs;
  • Unearth unhealthy thoughts and behaviours that are getting in the way;
  • Uncover blocks to understanding who you are and what you want;
  • Break free from the life that no longer serves you.

Let go of the life you think you should live and create the life you want to live.

Lyn's passion for working as a Women’s Counsellor stems from her own experiences and also through the shared experiences of many women she's worked with over the past 15 years. Lyn Firth - the life you want specializes in counselling for women in the Vancouver, BC area.