When it's Okay to be Self-Centred

By: Lyn Firth, Registered Professional Counsellor Mar 02, 2015
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Having the confidence to be who you really are

If you are living your life to please others instead of yourself chances are your self-worth is tied up in the approval of others. Approval seeking is an exhausting pursuit and leads to disconnection from self, depression and addictive behaviours. Imagine having the confidence to be who you really are without worrying about what others will think. It is your job to value, love and approve of yourself and you deserve your own approval.

Person-Centered therapy focuses on you as the expert on yourself. You alone hold the answers to the problems in your life. Through non-judgemental, unconditional positive regard you will experience and accept more of yourself as you really are and from this vantage point, make the best decisions for yourself. Break free from the exhausting pursuit of approval from others.

Lyn's passion for working as a Women’s Counsellor stems from her own experiences and also through the shared experiences of many women she's worked with over the past 15 years. Lyn Firth - the life you want specializes in counselling for women in the Vancouver, BC area.