Circulation Stockings

By: Dr. Jackie Gonzalez, DC Mar 04, 2015

How can Medical Compression Stockings help me?

Avoid swelling in the ankles or the lower foot

Medical Compression Stockings are helpful to people with circulation problems that occur either temporarily such as travelers on airplanes, people who stand or sit  for a long time and pregnancy, especially in the second pregnancy.   Compressing at the ankle encourages venous return which is helpful to avoid swelling in the ankles or the lower foot. Compression stockings have also been  reported to be useful in healing sprain/strains of the ankle by encouraging a quicker recovery.

Other specific conditions such as thrombophlebitis or varicose veins help keep circulation going so that the condition doesn’t get worse.

Compression stockings can either be in the form of socks or pantyhose. New models include toeless pantyhose for sandal wear and trouser socks with a Core Spun material with silver that is a natural anti-bacterial. 

Dr. Jackie Gonzalez is a graduate of the Texas Chiropractic College. Born in Toronto, ON, she moved back to her birthplace to begin private practice. Dr. Jackie is very passionate about health and wellness and strives to keep updated on the latest news. She is also a Pilates Instructor and incorporates that into her practice. 

Dr. Jackie is the owner of Natural Pain Relief Chiropractic in Toronto, Ontario.