Memory Problems?

By: Leslie Tempest, BScPT , Mar 05, 2015
Memory Problems? | ProActive Rehab & Sport Injury Centre

Tips and Strategies for improving your memory

Memory is the ability to learn and remember information.

Memory involves three steps:

  1. Understanding the experience. (INPUT)
  2. Storing the experience in the brain. (STORAGE or THROUGH-PUT)
  3. Retrieving the memory or “remembering” the experience. (RETRIEVAL or OUT-PUT)

If you have difficulty with even one of these steps, you could experience difficulty with your memory.

Some examples of why you might struggle with memory: aphasia following a stroke; poor concentration or attention; distracted; language barriers; slower processing speed; concussion or brain injury; dementia; stress; depression; anxiety.

If you have problems with step 2, you will likely find learning new information very challenging. A few strategies to try include:

  • Break complex information into simple steps.
  • Write the steps down.
  • Practice the steps. Repetition is very important.
  • Allow ample time for the learning of new information – don’t rush.

Working with an Occupational Therapist may help to provide other tips and strategies for improving your memory or compensating for your poor memory.

Leslie is a registered physiotherapist. A graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy, she has practiced in a variety of fields and locations including a 3 year stint in England. Her experience is varied but has primarily focused in an out-patient environment and in private practice since 1996. Over the years Leslie has completed many post-graduate training courses.

Her main interests are in biomechanics, manual therapy and preventative education. She also enjoys working with dancers and athletes to overcome injury and develop improved training programs for strength development and injury prevention. Lisa is fully trained in the McKenzie method of mechanical diagnosis and therapy. She is the owner/operator of ProActive Rehab & Sport Injury Centre!