The wisdom of the heart

By: Feb 09, 2015
The Wisdom of the Heart | Art of Yoga Studios, Waterdown, ON

Finding the way to “our highest possibility”.

The heart, of great human interest and pondered upon by all of mankind throughout history to present day. It’s a tall order finding our way to what is regarded as, “our highest possibility”.

Here is my take on the heart, you’re not required to agree! I try my best on a daily basis to see with the eyes of my heart, That is to say I feel instead of see, when a situation or an experience triggers a positive, loving feeling in my heart, my soul feels nourished. It’s not always easy or realistic to find ourselves in situations where the heart shines bright constantly…….without sorrow, how can we recognize love? Grief and pain closes the heart, fear and anger causes the heart to beat faster, a beautiful piece of music can leave my heart in a puddle. Being amongst nature is my hearts’ elixir. There is nothing that makes me feel more alive than to gaze at the moon, feel the sun upon my face, dig my hands into the earth in the garden, listen to the sound of the leaves in the wind, watch a sunset….nature seldom duplicates itself and I find myself intrigued, delighted and my heart full when I step outside to just be. My heart is my compass in life, empowering me to embrace my light, to love and to be loved.