Does Size Matter?

By: Dr. Jackie Gonzalez, DC Jan 05, 2015

Can a smaller-framed female chiropractor help me if I am larger-framed male?

Modern technique is very effective in adjusting a wide variety of body builds

Sometimes it may seem that in order to perform an effective adjustment, the chiropractor needs to be sturdy and strong. Many people doubt that a female chiropractor would have the strength to adjust a bigger framed person.  Many years ago a smaller-framed male chiropractor got to work in designing tables that used gravity as a force, instead of the chiropractor.

This is now called Thompson Technique and is very effective in adjusting a wide variety of body builds. Modern techniques that use FDA approved instruments like the Torque Integrator also allows for effective adjustments. These techniques and equipment were designed for more patient comfort, more specific and effective adjustments and less stress on the body of the chiropractor. 

Once people know this, the deciding factor usually is if that person feels more comfortable with a male vs. a female chiropractor and not any considerations based on perceived strength requirements of the practitioner. 

Dr. Jackie Gonzalez is a graduate of the Texas Chiropractic College. Born in Toronto, ON, she moved back to her birthplace to begin private practice. Dr. Jackie is very passionate about health and wellness and strives to keep updated on the latest news. She is also a Pilates Instructor and incorporates that into her practice. 

Dr. Jackie is the owner of Natural Pain Relief Chiropractic in Toronto, Ontario.