Why should you go to a psychotherapist?

Is it worth it to visit a psychotherapist?

Will a psychotherapist really help you?

The simplest answer is that people often find it much easier to talk to a psychologist, who is objective, non-judgemental, and can offer you a confidential environment in which to discuss your problems.  We understand that making the decision to seek professional help can be difficult and may involve several steps, including acknowledging that you have a problem, reaching the point where you are ready to address it, and finally deciding to talk to a professional.  Some people may still feel uncomfortable about the idea of talking about their problems to a professional, who is, after all, a stranger.  However, you may have learned already that although friends and family can be supportive, and talking to them can be helpful, it can sometimes be difficult for them to be objective because of their own feelings and involvement in our lives.  Perhaps more importantly, our family and friends are not trained to recognize psychological problems or to know the best way to help you to make changes in your life or to learn to cope with them. Seeking help from a psychologist, therefore, is always a good option when you have a problem that does not seem to resolve despite your best efforts and having the support of friends and family.

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We are a practice group of psychologists whose MISSION is to provide ethical, evidence-based “best” practice to help clients change, using goal-directed approaches.  The practice group holds to the VALUES inherent in the Principles of the Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists (Click to view) .  

Our logo represents the multi-factor bio-psycho-social approach we use in assessment as well as our multi-modal approach to therapy and intervention (e.g., cognitive, behavioural, emotional, social).