Questions about homotoxicology

What is homotoxicology?

Homotoxicology and Homeopathy

Expanding on the fundamentals of homeopathy, Dr. Hans Henrich Reckeweg developed homotoxicology during the 1940's. Although homotoxicology is based on the principles of homeopathy, there are both similarities and key differences.

Practitioners consider homotoxicology to be an updated renewal of homeopathy on a more extensive, scientific base. At the time Dr. Hahnemann developed the "science" of homeopathy (late 1700's) very little was known about molecular biology, biochemistry, etc. In this century Dr. Reckeweg (Germany 1930's - 1970's) developed homotoxicology to take advantage of the explosion of knowledge in basic medical sciences, in conjunction with the principles of homeopathy. One key difference is homotoxicology depends more on physical based anatomical and clinical findings, than emphasizing mental and emotional symptoms.

However, homotoxicology does utilize homeopathic remedies designed to restore the patient's vital energy, restoring balance to the biological flow system. Homotoxicology is indeed very complicated; however, the main concept simply states that every organism is a flow-system, attempting to maintain equilibrium of flow. When toxins enter the body, they disturb this flow and cause damage.

The organism then attempts to defend itself. The battle between normal biological flow and the intruding toxins, manifest as disease. Many of the chronic diseases that we see today are actually the result of toxins. Symptoms may be absent until the damage is quite widespread, which is even more reason to visit a knowledgeable Practitioner.

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