Ankle sprain prevention

Ankle sprain prevention | Healthy Steps Pedorthic Clinic in Nepean, ON

How can I manage my chronic ankle instability and help prevent ankle sprains?

Manage ankle instability and prevent ankle sprains.

Ankle sprains occur when the ankle is forced into an abnormal position causing stretching and tearing of the ligaments surrounding the ankle joint. Chronic instability may be the result of; incomplete rehabilitation, excessive laxity, nerve damage, abnormal alignment, tendon dysfunction. 

Pedorthic treatment is focused on providing stability to the foot and ankle. Orthotic design may include a deep heel cup and a lateral wedge to increase stability. It is essential to wear proper fitting footwear based on your mechanics and activity. For added support we carry a variety of ankle braces. Propioception and strengthening exercises are recommended in conjunction with orthotic therapy.

Derek Gilmer is a Certified Pedorthist and the owner of Healthy Steps Pedorthic Clinic. Derek is exclusively trained in the assessment, design, manufacture, fit and modification of custom made orthoses (also called orthotics) and footwear in order to alleviate and manage pain, discomfort and disabilities in the legs and feet.