New Year, new you

By: Ms. Lisa Martin, Dec 26, 2013

How do I stick to my New Year’s resolutions?

Want to stick to your resolutions? Try not making them in the first place

Here’s my take on resolutions: they don’t work. Don’t make them, because they don’t work and that’s why you can’t stick to them. The reason they don’t work is, first of all, they’re based on our “shoulds,” or what we think we should do. And, second of all, they’re not based on a holistic view of our lives. That’s why you see everyone who says “I’m going to go to the gym,” and the gym is full in January, but by February, the same old regulars are there.

Instead of creating New Year’s resolutions, you can create what I call a “life theme.” A life theme is your overriding intention for the year that takes into consideration all aspects of your life. The idea with the life theme is it’s not meant to be long. In fact, if you can boil it down to two words or one word, then that’s even more effective for you.

I just went through this exercise recently at one of my workshops, where I coached a woman to develop her theme. Her theme for the year in 2010 is growth, and that growth, to her, represented having another a child, expanding her family, getting a promotion at work and growing her relationship with her husband. What’s exciting about that is once you set the intention, you tend to follow through and make it happen, and a year later you’re there.

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