By: Alexis Williams, Dec 05, 2013

How can I avoid overeating at holiday parties?

How to stay on track when faced with the holiday buffet of goodies.

Don’t go into the party ravenous. Have a soup or salad before you go, or make sure you’ve had a meal beforehand that includes lean protein, fruits and vegetables.

Next, take a plate and fill it up with mostly vegetables, then stay away from the food table. Don’t hang around there. Once you’ve put food on a plate, you can see how much you’re taking. Otherwise, you can be picking at things and you’re not aware of the total quantity of food you’re eating.

Watch your intake of caloric beverages too, like punches, alcoholic drinks, pop and juice – these things will just add unnecessary calories. Stick with water, fizzy water, or mineral water, so at least you’re not getting extra calories.

Finally, survey the contents of what’s available first, so you can make a decision on what you’re going to have versus sampling everything. Look at the buffet table and say, okay, there are lots of desserts, but I want to try this one. Don’t load up on everything, but rather choose your treats wisely.

Alexis Williams, B.A.Sc., M.A.N., RD, is a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer. She counsels all types of people, including athletes, on how to eat for better performance and to improve their overall health. Alexis uses practical eating and strategies to guide her clients toward achieving their goals. She believes that nutrition and activity go hand-in-hand to shaping a healthy lifestyle.