Get the balance right

By: Ms. Lisa Martin, Dec 06, 2012

How do I balance work and family obligations over the holidays?

Holiday hassles got you down? Take time out to enjoy the season.

First of all, what you want to do is have a realistic vision as to what you want your holidays to be about. What is realistic to accomplish and to do? Often, what can happen is that people get overwhelmed over the Christmas holidays because they’ve planned something that is larger than they can actually manage. What are the memories you want to create? Get some clarity around what this vision looks like to you. Is it about small, intimate family things? Is it about traveling and getting away for the season?

The next thing is to factor in some time for you. The holidays take a lot of energy and it’s important to look at whether you have some downtime to read a book, take a bath, or take a walk.

Finally, make sure you look for adequate support and help. You don’t need to do everything. Often, women are the keepers of the family database in their heads, so they know everybody’s shoe size and when they are supposed to get haircuts, and when they go to doctor’s appointments and all of those things, but that information can easily be shared with other family members. Look at opportunities to share responsibilities around getting some stuff done.

After all, it is a holiday; it is supposed to be enjoyable!

Lisa Martin is a provocative speaker, best-selling author and certified coach who engages women at critical points in their careers. She specializes in getting professional women to talk openly about their challenges and then she guides them to develop work and life solutions that are right for them. To learn more, visit