Helpful tips for buying the perfect summer swimsuit

By: Jun 20, 2014
Helpful tips for buying the perfect summer swimsuit

Before choosing your new summer swimsuit, consider these tips.

Tip 1: Examine customizable features
It’s important to adapt your swimming suit to fit your needs, rather than just picking the first pretty bikini off the rack. Look at the customizable features and make sure the suit can be adapted to suit your lifestyle and needs. Shoulder straps that move and adjust will prevent slippage and unwanted exposure. The last thing you need is to flash those on the boat when you fall off the water skis. Tankinis are great for water sports but not so great for sunbathing. Removable inserts are also a plus because they help hold the suit in shape. When the cups get old or misshaped, simply replace them instead of buying an entirely new suit.

Tip 2: Pay attention to embellishments
From sequins to breads, embellishments are usually only held onto a suit by threads. Embellishments easily fall off, especially when you are active in your swimsuit. This can be highly disappointing. If you are planning to be in the water a lot or will be active in your suit, choose attractive swimsuits that do not have excessive embellishments, such as jewels, beads, or sequins. 

Tip 3: Look for UV protection
One of the most important factors to examine when selecting a new swimsuit is the ultraviolet protection factor or UPF. This growing trend showcases just how effective your swimsuit is against ultraviolet rays and light. The higher the UPF number, the more effective the suit is at blocking harmful UV rays. The best swimsuits have a UPF number of fifty or more. The higher the number the better protected your skin will be during the summer months.

Tip 4: Practicality and price
Trendy swimsuits are not the cheapest and the cheapest suits are not always the best quality. It is best to search for a swimsuit that is classic in style and can be worn more than one season, if desired. Take the time to inspect the quality of the suit and pay attention to style. Classic black or solid colors may be more practical than trendy patterns. Also, remember what you will be doing in the suit before making your purchase. If you plan to swim a lot of laps and know that you will be in a chlorine-filled swimming pool, inspect the quality and spend a little more. In the end, you may get what you pay for.

Tip 5: Check the stitching and construction
Before buying your swimsuit, check the quality of construction and stitching. If the considered suit is sewn with a single strand of stitching, the threads are likely to come lose with wear and wash. High quality suits are lined throughout and possess double row stitching or zig zags. If you notice some loose threads in the store, chances are the suit won’t hold up well when you get it home and start wearing it. The sun and chlorine may be harsh on the fabric and threads, so it is best to find a high quality suit that holds up against the elements.